Heather And Uncle Buckism

One can not write a non-fictinal book if most of the people in the book are hiding something, and thus think of more ways to cleverly DECIEVE YOU, not caring how that makes you feel – because they do not love you. On top of that, your are made out to be a sober prig out to bust everyone for drinking and having underage sex, so your daughter – and her adult lover – must be given sanctuary. I’m sure Holly Hunt heard that I was going to call the cops on her son, when, this only occurred to me three days ago, But, what I can not get over, is this blood test – after Patrice and Heather went to the reopening of the Rosamond gallery and confirmation my daughter looked like my sisters. What this blood test is EVIDENCE I am the father, if I deny it, after finding myself on the outside as they move in on my natal family to get Cash&Prizes. I am now interested in writing a book on all this – EVIL! From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velchanos
Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
Subject: Another thought

My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
Heather¡¯s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
Linda, my sister said, then we¡¯d have confirmation on paper and if
anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It¡¯s been 10
years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?

Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don¡¯t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don¡¯t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
Heather, based on what is true and real

Part of my sister, Linda¡¯s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother¡¯s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
does need you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
that she will make wiser choices.

Rosamond Press

When I met my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I was given lessons on what a great Team Player and Smoozer she was. The first day we spent together consisted of a visit to the Scientology Center in Santa Rosa, where Heather Hanson sang for a child’s birthday. My child showed me her auditing book stored on a shelf. I knew I was in deep doo-doo. Three months later I’m being shown the Recovery Barn that some heads of Scientology are making from a old winery. I am being asked to participate by the wife of the man who was in Africa with Oprah Winfrey to combat slavery there. I just googled Oprah’s ties with Scientology, and I may have found the reason my CHILD was disappeared from my life. I had heard this man speak to about thirty Scientologists about their connection to Oprah – that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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