My Grandson Tyler Is My Heir

It does not matter if I ever see Tyler again. This way they will no longer be able to KEEP HIM HOSTAGE so I will keep my mouth shut. He is my true miracle. We were there for each other for six years since he war born. We loved one another in healthy ways, without conditions. The Easter we spent together were the best days of my life. You can see the light glowing around me! What could go wrong? I had found a line from the Rosamond family to the House of Swarzenberg via a linage that was supposed to have died out. This branch kept the Habsburg Dynasty alive. There are about two hundred castles the Nazis and Communist Russian took from my royal family, that may be restored to us. Tyler may coe to own a castle or two. This beautiful young man – deserves a break!

Eleonora von Schwarzenberg: Vampire Princess? | The Girl in the Tiara

(12) Eleonora von Schwarzenberg: Vampire Princess? – YouTube

Hluboká Castle – Wikipedia 

Rosamond Press

My grandson, Tyler Hunt, is my Heir. He will keep my place in this great Bohemian Tree alive. My days of being unborn, are over!

I love you Tyler!


Sarah Wilson Rosamond and House of Schwarzenberg

It is 7:25 in the morning. I have found my Bohemian People. Presco was originally spelled Braskewitz. My father’s ancestors came from Bohemia, and, so did my mother’s people via Sarah Wilson. She descends from the House of Schwarzenberg who were friends with Martin Luther. This is why William Wilson is buried in Saint George Cathedral. The House of Saxe-Coburg is in this tree. I am kin to much royalty. I am home. I am tired. I have been up all night.

John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Sarah Wilson Rosamond (Willson) MP




County Antrim, Ireland

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