Heather And Uncle Buckism

When I met my sixteen year old daughter for the first time, I was given lessons on what a great Team Player and Smoozer she was. The first day we spent together consisted of a visit to the Scientology Center in Santa Rosa, where Heather Hanson sang for a child’s birthday. My child showed me her auditing book stored on a shelf. I knew I was in deep doo-doo. Three months later I’m being shown the Recovery Barn that some heads of Scientology are making from a old winery. I am being asked to participate by the wife of the man who was in Africa with Oprah Winfrey to combat slavery there. I just googled Oprah’s ties with Scientology, and I may have found the reason my CHILD was disappeared from my life. I had heard this man speak to about thirty Scientologists about their connection to Oprah – that is covered up. I told this woman that took me on the tour Scientology was using my daughter and her mother as – slaves! This woman asked about my famous sister. I knew too much, and was not a team player, like my daughter, who is the biggest Brown Noser I ever met. To see this Joiner joining my unborn granddaughter to folks in her NETWORK, is sickening! This woman’s magazine who championed THE UNBORN – is full of wine ads.

Woman’s Magazine and Alcohol Justice | Rosamond Press

Uncle Buckism is succumbing to the rich and powerful – who have powerful attorneys on their team – and they know they intimidate those poor people who don’t! Beryl Buck was aware of Buckism when she left her money to the poor and powerless. She knew what Frank Buck did to the poor and powerless in my town. Frank raped the forests and created a ghost town when he was done. Then he bought an oil company whose freeters dumped a million gallons in the bay when they sank. Many members of Alcohol Justice are all for the environment. They went after the Getty family, my kin, when they went after Plumpjack. But, will they go after Million Air? No one advertises their power and influence, then Bob Buck. He is all about White Privilege and catering to the very rich. When I learned I was up against Robert, and Larry Chazen – a partner in Plumpjack – I felt weak, impotent, and like……………A BIG LOSER! My daughter and her family, noticed!

I am making this offer to Alcohol Justice. I need a co-author to help me finish my autobiography. I want a woman writer to give a feminine point of view. I have sent a couple of posts to members of board of Alcohol Justice and will send this post to three more. I suspect these board members sympathize with me, but, because these are Team Players, they huddled together, and ruled it would be a bad ide to go against the written, and unspoken wishes of………..UNCLE BUCK!

The Aunt Nurse Ratched ploy has been used on Christina and I. Here is the second step in Alcoholics Anonymous..

2. Came to believe a POWER GREATER THAN OURSLVES will restore us to sanity.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Uncle Tom syndrome is a theory in psychology[1] referring to a coping skill in which individuals use passivity and submissiveness when confronted with a threat, leading to subservient behaviour and appeasement, while concealing their true thoughts and feelings. The term “Uncle Tom” comes from the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, where an enslaved African American man named Tom is beaten to death by a cruel master for refusing to betray the whereabouts of two other enslaved people.

In the American racial context, “Uncle Tom” is a pejorative term for African Americans who give up or hide their ethnic or gender outlooks, traits, and practices, in order to be accepted into the mainstream. Conservative African Americans are often called “Uncle Toms”.[citation needed] In race minority literature, Uncle Tom syndrome refers to African Americans that, as a necessary survival technique, opt to appear docile, non-assertive, and happy-go-lucky. Especially during slavery, African Americans used passivity and servility for the avoidance of retaliation and for self-preservation.[2]

“When, therefore, we speak to you of God, we mean your own conception of God. This applies, too, to other spiritual expressions which you find in this book. Do not let any prejudice you may have against spiritual terms deter you from honestly asking yourself what they mean to you. At the start, this was all we needed to commence spiritual growth, to effect our first conscious relation with God as we understood Him. Afterward, we found ourselves accepting many things which then seemed entirely out of reach. That was growth, but if we wished to grow we had to begin somewhere. So we used our own conception, however limited it was. We needed to ask ourselves but one short question. – “Do I now believe, or am I even willing to believe, that there is a Power greater than myself?” As soon as a man can say that he does believe, or is willing to believe, we emphatically assure him that he is on his way. It has been repeatedly proven among us that upon this simple cornerstone a wonderfully effective spiritual structure can be built.”

Are Sande Greene & Robert Buck – Friends? | Rosamond Press

Buck’s Joan Hour | Rosamond Press

Uncle Tom syndrome – Wikipedia

Del Monte Aviation & Buck Inst.

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Robert Buck owns the law firm that stepped into to be the Special Executor of Rosamond’s creative legacy after Vicki Presco refused to serve. Robert is connected to the Buck Trust and Institute that is right out of a science fiction novel in regards for searching for the Fountain of Youth.  Robert also owns Del Monte Aviation that flies in professional golfers to play at Pebble Beach. This beats anything Thomas Pynchon could dream up. This is what Heather,  the sixteen year old daughter ‘The Gold Digger’,  was after, Fame, Fortune, and an unending fountain of booze. Heather’s ambition was the be the Most Popular Girl in the World. This is why Linda Comstock told my minor child to un-invite me to her High School graduation. Linda and Flip had major plans for this minor.

I kept telling my daughter; “All’s well, that ends well!” As it turns out the Buck Trust established Alcohol Justice because the Buck family suffered from alcoholism. In Rosamond’s probate are pleas to Morris to respect the family miracle of sobriety, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.

The end of Christine and my story is Flip toasting Tyler Hunt in a bar.

“Truth is stranger than fiction!”

Jon Presco


The organization has an entire “library” of alcoholic products it believes targets youth. Some feature bright colors or animated characters. Others resemble popular juice boxes or energy drinks.

Alcohol Justice receives about $1.2 million of its $1.3 million annual budget from the Buck Trust as part of funding that dates back to a 1987 court case. The other two agencies that receive a significant portion of the trust’s yearly allotments are the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, which receives about $6 million a year, and the Buck Institute for Education, which receives about $1 million a year.

The Gold Digger and ‘The Toy’

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“Please raise your glass of Coors Light in remembrance.”

Capturing Beauty

Chapter One

The Gold Digger and ‘The Toy’

No father wants to find evidence his daughter deceived him,  withheld vital information from him, and manipulated him with the help of hidden people behind the scenes, people the father does not know.

Three hours ago I found the name of Linda Comstock’s ex-husband. He owned a bank and was a corporate lawyer. He had many wealthy Democratic friends that he partied with – till he dropped. His obituary says he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, but, when I checked, I could not find Tom’s name.

When my seventeen year old daughter was disappeared from my life in 2000, I wondered if Thomas A. Comstock Jr. knew about this kidnapping. I wondered if he suggested Heather Hanson get with the money people, and away from ‘The Loser’. I was everything he hated. This is a old war hero and he is reading that I am one of the original Hippies that is “left-leaning”.  Heather considered Linda Comstock her other mother, even father-like, because she bailed her mother ‘The Hippie’ out of trouble. They were always poor. Now, as she stood on the veranda of the house you see above, lookind down on the peons….

“This is the life I deserve! One day I will find my real father – and destroy him!”

I don’t know when Linda married Tom, but Heather told me she liked spending summer vacation with the Comstocks. At fourteen, my daughter is in her bikini floating off the bow of the large yacht while the old man takes in his wife’s genetic material. Half bare-butts go with ‘The Toy’. I found an obituary. Tom drank Coor’s light. He was a beer-alcoholic like Linda and Bill Cornwell, who I just read on his FB drove the yacht ‘The Toy’.  Bill is addicted to toys.

I now know why Heather and her family looked down their nose at me. Linda had struck it rich. However, she could not conceive a child. Nor could Bill Cornwell. How about Tom who died of heart failure as eighty-eight. When Heather got pregnant with Tyler, whatever Republican-like Fantasy they owned about acquiring children, via Money, and, a surrogate child-mother of some kind, that these two Bar Flies can call their own….was degrading. It was becoming apparent there were real genetics at work, or, play here. It looked like the Big Loser and Parasite has a linage that could be attached to Tom’s Big Money, and I get food stamps! I had to be Un-born – vanished! Real successful Democrats need to resemble real successful Republicans.

I believe Heather ‘The Minor’ was instructed not to tell me what her true values, were, and still are. She was raised up to be a Gold Digger. Linda and Tom choked on their Coor’s when they heard my autobiography was going to be about the Sobriety of Two Family Artists.

All their friends are Rich Lushes! Their Cocktail Hour Trophy Dreams of being in a Art Bio – was out the window. Best get with Tom Snyder, the rival biographer! How about Larry Chazen, who is a partner with Gavin Newsom and the Pelosis? Got to get my daughter in this crowd! How much legal advice did my daughter get from Tom? I believe it is me my daughter she says she wants to sue! Sue away! I will get Bill Cornwell on the witness stand.

“Hey Tom, I read about you in Rosamond’s bio. Maybe you should lay off the sauce! You too Linda! Turn out the lights – the party is over!”

Patrice Hanson did not tell me our daughter’s role model was a famous drunk. She never mention Tom. She knew her sister and I were on a collision course. So did Heather. I felt like I was the enemy, and now I know why! To read Heather’s denigration of me on her facebook, in the same breath she announces she is pregnant, is as evil as it gets. She knew I was right! She knew her aunt and her Joy Toy Boy saw me as their enemy. They worked hard to isolate me – knowing suicide was a possibility – after I have my next drink. These people were delighted that I had no one on my side, in my corner!

Linda and her niece tried to sabotage my sobriety at the family reunion in Bullhead City. Linda and her niece – needed to prove my program did not work! This is Gaslighting on a grand drunken scale. Millions die of alcoholism and addiction to opioids. My Twelve Steps is their mortal enemy. How dare this TEAM come off as healers. Heather tricked me into believing Bill was going to propose to her, and thus, I might have him on my side. The Princce of Drunks was looking to own ‘Captain Bill’s’ title.

Alas we have a real Sleeping Beauty who Grimm named Rosamond. Linda is more cunning than Maleficent. She and her old drunk, who couldn’t get it up, thought they had a Free Child, a child without roots, without a father, who in truth is a sub-human………..A BEAST!

My grandson looks a lot like Rosemary. Tyler has her nose – and mine! He has my grandfather’s eyes. Royal Rosamond and his daughter Rosemary – are alive! No amount of money can purchase a family tree. Jesus was a very poor man, descended from the Kings of Judah.

I am sure Linda told my grandson she is going to leave all her money to my daughter – if nothing goes wrong!

Was thirteen year old Heather at the wedding.

“And I don’t have to have sex with the old geezer. He just wants a Hostess who loves to drink a lot of beer!”

This is child abuse. Pedophiles employ a bag of candy. Now we know why Heather will never admit Linda pissed in the seat while sitting next to Tyler. Maleficents’ Evil Façade would go up in green smoke.

It looks like the whole Rich Republican house of cards is tumbling down, being brought down by a bunch of losers and lefties, who don’t have a price. The world wants my story…

‘The Father Without A Price’

Thanks to William Taylor, we now know what Trump meant by ‘Make America Great Again. ‘Make Rich Republicans feel like God again – is back! Using the taxes of the middle class, Mr. God played God with the President of Ukraine. Misusing the Money of the Poor Slobs to destroy your political opponents, is the Republican Way, the Republican Toy……….and hobby!

Grooming my daughter was their hobby! Se loved every minute of it. When they thought I was doing nothing to promote Heather’s career, they threatened to take Tyler from me. I understand I will never see him again. I now have proof Linda bribed Cornwell to undermine my relationship with my offspring. He was beside himself to captain ‘The Toy’. It looks like Bill held Linda to her promise, even though he had broke up with Heather.

At the end of Tom’s obituary, we hear how Tom wants to be remembered. At eighty-five, he wants to be seen as The Drunken Peter Pan, the man who never grew up- thanks to his drunken friends, and that vamp, that Gold-digger he married, because, she could really hold her liquor, more than any man Captain Tom knew – until her bladder gave out! I have given thanks that Linda’s niece never met Captain Vic…….but she did! Vic and Tom are Heather’s kind of guy! She and Linda were extremely disappointed in me, because THEY wanted me to be a Party Daddy. This is what Linda deserves, because she never had a baby. She deserves a baby! She deserves resect, and family love! Why In CODA we learn why the whole family draws their wagons around the Family Drunk.

“Please raise your glass of Coors Light in remembrance!”

Why a “glass” of Coors instead of a bottle of Coors? These drunken swells, with all that Democratic money, don’t want to be seen as a common drunks having another brawl in a working man’s bar in Boston or Provence Town. So, they picked a fight with a fifty-four year old sober man who was thrilled to know he was not going to die childless. They ganged up on him, and smashed their crystal goblets over his head, and took his offspring from him. Par for the course! They did the same thing to Christine! Getting sober, is dangerous!

The Comstocks stalked me. Tom had eight years to contact me after my sixteen year old daughter came into my life. Jabba The Hut got a full report about me and my family, almost every day. As a high-powered attorney, he knew how to play me. I was a safe to be cracked. Inside was my famous sister’s artistic legacy. He heard about the movie. He did not want to be portrayed as the evil drunken millionaire who has a un-natural hold over a minor child. It was he who decided it was best Patrice take our daughter to the re-opening of the Rosamond Gallery in Carmel Check at the lay of the land, to see if I was open to having a daughter. I was stalked. So was my dead sister. The right and normal thing to do, was give me a call after a month, to assure me they are in my corner, and, if I need anything, give them a call.

“We really want this to work out for you and Heather!”

Captain Bill played me like a Marlin off the back of the boat. Did he call the law firm that mishandled my nieces legacy.

“Just declare him insane, like his sister and her daughter. You know the routine!

One day, I will die. But, this story will live on……….and on! My great, great grandchildren might hear of it, and, give it a read.


Published in Orange County Register on June 24, 2008

Thomas A. Comstock Jr.

Thomas A. Jr. Of Dana Point, formerly of Fullerton, passed away on June 19th of heart failure. He had just celebrated his 85th birthday in grand style with his family and many friends. Tom was born June 11, 1923 in Providence, Rhode Island, the oldest of eight children. He joined the Navy and was a gunner on PBY’s during WWII. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. Tom earned his legal degree from Columbia University in 1952 and moved to California in 1953 to join North American Aviation’s legal team. He went on to have a 56 year legal career in corporate private practice. Tom was one of the founders of Commercial National Bank and an owner of Consolidated Micrographics. His passions included politics, traveling and boating. Tom was politically active and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. He traveled extensively visiting six of seven continents including Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong on his most recent trip. In recent years he escaped the June gloom by going to his home in Bullhead City. Tom was a boater who showed his love for the water with frequent trips to the Colorado River with family in tow. He never caught a fish but always got a ticket. Later in life, he took his prized “My Toy” to Catalina regularly. In Avalon you could usually find “Captain Tom” reading his beloved LA Times at the Busy Bee, Dockside Cafe, or Descanso Beach. In the evening he danced the night away at the El Galleon to Karaoke. He was a member of Dana Point and American Legion Yacht clubs. He was known for loving life and doing it his way. He shared his love of life and sense of adventure with his family who will miss him greatly. He is survived by wife, Linda; daughter, Cheryl (Tom); sons, Tom (Liz) and Kevin (Leigh); six grandchildren, Andrew, Joe, Beth, Reggie, Zoe and Kacie; and sister, Natalie. He was predeceased by his wife of 47 years, Jean. A private service will be held at sea on Sunday June 22nd. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the American Cancer or Heart Associations. Please raise your glass of Coors Light in remembrance.

Thomas A I Comstock JR

Current address

Po Box 923, Dana Point, CA 92629

Previous addresses

2290 E Willowleaf Dr, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440
23642 Walters Ct, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
32161 Sea Island Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629
451 Pinehurst Ct, Fullerton, CA 92835
4132 E Mendez St, # 1, Long Beach, CA 90815

Phone Numbers

(949) 661-0207 (949) 795-0967


Elizabeth T Comstock Jean M Comstock Leigh S Forrest Linda A Comstock Sharon Burner Thomas



On the way back to Las Vegas my grandson, Tyler Hunt, said this;

“Aunt Linda peed her pants and made a funny joke.”

This was in response to my daughter, Heather Hanson, saying;

“Linda was very pleased with Tyler and wants Bill and I to bring her a baby girl next time we come.”

What Heather is saying, is, Linda wants my daughter and Bill Cornwell to have durnken sexual intercourse out of wedlock and born a baby girl for rich aunt Linda who made this un-married couple a business offer. Five months later Bill called me up and said;

“I’m a traditional kind of guy.”

Hmmm! This is not quite; “I want your daughter’s hand in marriage. We want children. We want to make you a grandfather.”

I assume telling me Linda wants another baby to go with my grandson, is to let me know they are engaged to get married, and, aren’t i lucky to be the grandfather of another child, a girl-child no less, because this is what rich aunt Linda wants and thus, deserves, because she has no children or grandchildren, and never will.

I never got to know Linda while I was in Bullhead City, like Bill did, because I am not a drinking man. Heather and her mother used the title ‘Gold Digger’ to describe how Linda came to own a whole lot of money. She married a wealthy retired attorney in his seventies when she was in her forties. Was he too old to sire children? Why didn’t Linda have a child before she married the old codger. Heather showed me pictures of their dogs and said Linda said these were their children.

When Heather got pregnant by Ryan Hunt, Linda wanted Heather to get an abortion. She hated Ryan. She believed he was not good enough for her niece. They had a falling out that lasted years. This is why Linda did not meet Ryan’s son until he was six, going on seven. Linda never met me, Tyler’s grandfather, whom she knew was sober. This is to say she was not on good footing with Tyler’s father and grandfather. She had to fear my sober opinion of her when we met – alas – because this woman is a polished consumer of alcoholic beverages. ‘Happy Hour’ is her middle name.

At Linda’s home, wondering why there was giant Buddhist shrine in the middle of her living room, I asked my daughter if I could see photos of her in Linda’s albums. She brought out two of them. Linda ‘Happy Hour’ was the center of attention at many narcissistic gatherings where everyone held a cocktail glass in their hand. If Bugsy Berkley were alive and looking for a theme for his new movie here it was – HAPPY HOUR!

HAPPY HOUR is about a group of San Diego Republicans who band together and swear an oath that even though the world economy has collapsed due to subprime greed, they will not demonstrate the worse for wear as one by one they fall into poverty. They will pretend they are still in the money!

“Hold high your little cocktail weenies, girls and let the world hear the chinking of your matiricni glasses as we salute the good ol Gold digging Days!”

Two weeks before we left to see the aunts in Bullhead City, Heather told me this;

“I’m lowering mu expectations, Dad. I no longer want to be a world famous singer. I want to sing in small clubs.”

I knew this remark had something to do with her new boyfriend, Bill Cornwell, who made my daughter his Money Go Getter, it her job to find sponsors for his race car that my grandson loves. I’m sure aunt Linda was the first person to hit-up for money, because Linda was left a load of what it takes to get along when her aged hubby died. Linda knowing a fellow Gold Digger when she saw one, saw an opportunity to bond my daughter to her – for life! Because you can not take it with you, Linda only had Heather to look at as her Heir. She could leave it to her dogs, but, why not get some power over others while still alive. I mean, what is money for?

When Bill called me five months later he alas filled me in on the plan. He told me he and Heather were going to open a Bar & Grill. I believe this idea is Linda’s idea. Heather told me she wanted to move to Bullhead City, but, Ryan is against it because he would not be able to see his son that much. add to this the real possibility I would not approve of my daughter going into business with Big Drinkers, because, this could be a partnership made in hell. For this reason I was not told THE MAIN REASON WHY Bill and Heather were going to Bullhead city. Did Linda tell my daughter to keep it a secret? Did Linda understand having mu daughter keep a big secret from me about a family matter would empower he over me in a destructive way? Linda was also employing a big carrot on a stick. Bill and Heather were hungry for money! What was in the way was my twenty five years of sobriety and the love between I and my grandson. Bill and Linda understood my daughter did not love me, because it only took a hint of money for her to betray me, work with these strangers to undermine me and my trip to Bullhead City to save my family, and unite both families. The only plan Linda made for me, was to babysit Tyler at the Avi while THE PARTNERS got drunk in a bar and discussed bar business.

When Bill drove into my sister’s driveway, he had a secret plan on how to hide the giant pee-stain in the back seat where I traditionally sat on this trip. When I left my sister’s home and went to get in the back, Bill blocked me while he opened the front door, saying;

It’s time for you to sit up front and be honored!”

Bill had treated me like he didnt want me along on this trip that Vicki Presco paid for, and I have video on my phone to prove it. Why the sudden change of heart. I told Bill in makin plans for this trip that he would drive us back to Vegas. Bill said;

“The reason I am not driving is because I have a warrant in Nevada for speeding.”

After I dropped Bill, Heather, and Tyler off at their terminal and returned the rental, I notice the giant pee-stain in the seat Bill sat in on the way to Vegas. As soon as I post this, I will be calling the Nevada State Troopers to see if there is a warrant. I will also being calling Southwest airline to see if my daughter changed her ticket days before she left for our Family Reunion.

As for Tyler, I will ask a California Court if I can communicate and visit my grandson through his father who can be questioned as to what other secrets Heather the ‘Gold Digger’ has been manufacturing behind my back. I have posted on Family Secrets before.

Need I say a Gold Digger is a “parasite” as is her lover who lives off the money left the Gold Digger by her late husband.

The photos were taken of L

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Gold Digger

A woman who manipulates men to benifit from their labor, skills, or money without compensation. Often highly narcistic exhibiting little compassion and thankfulness.

a person, usually a woman, who marries for money.

I might not have ever beheld my grandson, if it were not for the evil truth, Linda Comstock was furious Heather was keeping the child of a man she felt was way beneath her, and, sexy aunt Linda great expectations. Drunken Linda was GROOMING a minor child to be THE WIFE of one of her and her husband’s RICH FREINDS, who had seen my daughter floating about the yacht in her sexy bikini. Heather told me, with a smile;

“We call Linda a ‘Gold Digger’ because she married a man thirty years older then her – for his money!”

So, after Shamus Dundon makes a slip and tells me Heather has formed a bond with her other aunt, Vicki Presco, I make calls to my Disappeared Daughter, who is no longer a minor, and leave several long messages. She picks up. Linda and her Drunken Pig-Man have blackballed her. No more ritzy cocktail parties for her on the yacht. In two months I am heading to Santa Rosa on the train. Ryan Hunt was not there when his son, Tyler, was born. What a fucking mess!

Above is a photo of the lowest point of my life. I had asked to see Linda’s photo album. I can not find my daughter amongst all the cocktail drinkers. She comes over, and with pride, goes to the page that she so loves, where at fifteen she is seen as a full fledged sexy adult capable of grown-up sex with men – with money!

Bill Cornwell is being GIVEN my grandson because he can not sire a child. Linda is grooming him for stardom. Her dead-drunk lover, Flip, is promoting Heather’s singing career via the sound-recording system Rich Linda bought him.

Linda has no talent, or gifts. She knew Heather was my child – before she was born – because she knew Randolph Delpiano could not get her sister pregnant. My daughter was treated like a procession, their blank slate to smear their lousy DNA on, then, take their money to the bank. Not able to get a job after she graduated from beautician school, she opened her legs and let a greasy pig slosh his rancid alcoholic sperm in her pussy – for BIG BUCKS! Lind played SEXY GAMES with my daughter, and Rosamond’s niece.

“Part of my sister, Linda’s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother’s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather.”

I am just a part of the Grooming of Heather. I am a bit-player on her road to success. Next stop, the Rosamond Gallery to meet with Tom Snyder and Stacey Pierrot, who may have a fresh movie contract all written up.

Take note of how many big pitchers of beer Linda consumed. Who gives a flying-fuck if she doesn’t trust men. No one is writing her biography. No one upstages Linda!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Today is my Birthday. Today I am free. I don’t celebrate my birthday, because my best friend, Bill Arnold, died on my eighteenth birthday. I did choose to be with people I know by picking up Snyder’s biography about my famous sister. I read what Vicki had to say, and Raphaele, Christine’s best friend. After our fight, Raphaele told Christine she would like to see me. My sister refused to tell her how to contact me.

I made a video reading Snyder’s bio that employs my mother as the Supreme Villain, and denies her vicarious bragging rights, yet my daughter throws me away, because I question her mother’s motives. Rosemary is made out to be a diabolical narcissist. I compare her to my daughter’s mother, who sabotaged my autobiography. I finally own the picture why.

Patrice Hanson would take our sixteen year old to Keroke Bars. I went to their favorite the second night. I saw a drunk man sing with Heather, put his arm around her waist, then give her peck on the cheek. He then came over to give Patrice a piece of the action, a payoff, a juicy helping of narcissistic supply. The old hag saw herself in my daughters place getting felt-up by Mr. Swank. This is why she wanted Tom to write the book about our family, because he is not Heather’s father. I would get plenty of narcissistic supply when people come up to US, we two, and cry about our miracle meeting. Patrice would be way in the back, if there at all. Heather and I would go on a book signing tour – just her and I.

This is why I am being demonized on Heather’s Woman’s Empowerment. Patrice goes there every hour. She is writing some of the posts, and putting my daughter’s name on it. This is diabolical. Patrice and her siblings worked the two bio rivalry, with the help of Linda Comstock’s husband, who was a high powered attorney. Sixteen year old Heather heard all the scheming, and she worked me. In her deluded mind, I owed her.

Patrice was irate that I threw her out of my house. When she discovered she was pregnant with Heather, she vowed to get her revenge. In my attempt to see my unborn grandchild, one reads the mother-daughter tag-team of passive-aggressive revenge.

In this video I read about the “party” at Rocky Point; my sister’s nightmares about large waves, and Raphaële saying I was the first artist in the Presco family. I am looking for a good attorney – and a great psychology who would be interested in my theory, that Patrice is getting a vicarious sex gratification. Being abused hy her brutal, Patrice is not able to be fulfilled. Only when she sees our daughter, manhandled, is she free of her sexual hang-ups. To steal my child, and pit her as a teenager against her father is – MOTHER RAPE!

Raphaele and I would have been a healthy match. She would be my Studio F-Bunny. I would write poems on her pouting ass laid across my lap. I would give her pat, of Beatnik approval.


John Presco

Copyright 2019

I am trying to get Heather Hanson to stop degrading me so she can also be my Heir, and the happy ending of my life story. Why are these strange women fighting us? Marilyn has been on my side since 1962. She will testify to my sound mental health. M knew my family.

Here is the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Tom Snyder sent me. My brother insisted I sign it. When I refused, he banished me from HIS family. Mark Presco is a racist. I insist Patrice and Heather sign such an agreement. I told Patrice I was sent a NDA – and she suggested I trust Tom. and let him write about my family he did not know, and, I will write and publish.

“I like to read more than one book on the same topic.”

I demand this fake PPD evaluation be removed by Heather Hanson, who gave me every reason to not TRUST her, and feel she has BETRAYED me – again! You got to laugh – at how stupid she is!

“Oh I love my daughter so much, but for the fact she’s a kleptomaniac!

Case closed!

John Presco


The hallmarks of this personality disorder are distrust and suspicion. Individuals who exhibit constitutional paranoia do not normally confide in other people and frequently misread others, redefining innocuous statements and behavior as malevolent.

The paranoid personality-disordered person is suspicious of others—this individual thinks that others are out to threaten, betray, exploit, or harm. This disorder presents most often in young adulthood. People with paranoid personality disorder are not normally grounded in reality, nor do they admit that they have negative feelings about other people. They distrust people so much that they will not discuss how they feel, and harbor suspicions for lengthy periods of time.

PATRICE HANSON mother of my daughter, Heather Hanson:

“Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano.

I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of
view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.
But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We
can talk about it more.

Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive
of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you
with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velchanos
Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
Subject: Another thought

My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
Heather¡¯s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
Linda, my sister said, then we¡¯d have confirmation on paper and if
anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It¡¯s been 10
years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?

Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don¡¯t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don¡¯t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
Heather, based on what is true and real

Part of my sister, Linda¡¯s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother¡¯s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
does need you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
that she will make wiser choices.

I told him any help I provided had to be
under critical guidelines, being, this is a story of miracles and
recovery aimed at helping those who suffer from the abusive disease of alcholoism ¨C especially children – who make bonds with angels in order to survive horrendous abuse and abandonment.

493The Blood Test

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  • Jon PrescoMay 15 5:01 AMNo father has had to struggle like I have to be recognized as a father ¨C and a grandfather! When Heather came into my life I was working on my book about the Grail Bloodline and whether Jesus had any children. Many books have been written on this possibility. I could not help but compare my struggle with that of Jesus ¨C if it is true he fathered a daughter! A famous book was made into a movie that suggests the Popes in Rome went to great lengths to unborn Jesus¡¯child, and take away his Fatherhood. Jesus was allegeldy a grandfather. Many authors claim powerful forces hid this truth.Here are the first e-mails I exchanged with Heather and her mother, Patrice Hanson, who asks for a blood test because Linda Comstock was molested as a child, and has no trust of men. Hmmm! She trusted Bill Cornwell.Patrice also says it would be good idea just incase Randall came back into my daughter¡¯s life. Of course, I am not supposed to have a problem trusting Heather¡¯s kindred.¡°Part of my sister, Linda¡¯s, fears for Heather are connected with the
    fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother¡¯s
    side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
    very protective toward Heather.¡±After sending Patrice and Heather the first chapter of ¡®Bonds With Angels¡¯ Patrice speaks of how alcoholism destroyed her family. When Heather bonded with Bill, she knew how I felt about the use of alcohol, and how my novel will pass on our miracle to those who suffer. I believe Heather told Bill I was sober and would not approve of their bond that is based much upon the consumption of alcohol. When Bill bonded with my grandson, he began to look for a way to disquailfy and dehumanize me in order get me out of Tyler¡¯s life.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    One can not write a non-fictinal book if most of the people in the book are hiding something, and thus think of more ways to cleverly DECIEVE YOU, not caring how that makes you feel – because they do not love you. On top of that, your are made out to be a sober prig out to bust everyone for drinking and having underage sex, so your daughter – and her adult lover – must be given sanctuary. I’m sure Holly Hunt heard that I was going to call the cops on her son, when, this only occurred to me three days ago, But, what I can not get over, is this blood test – after Patrice and Heather went to the reopening of the Rosamond gallery and confirmation my daughter looked like my sisters. What this blood test is EVIDENCE I am the father, if I deny it, after finding myself on the outside as they move in on my natal family to get Cash&Prizes. I am now interested in writing a book on all this – EVIL! From: Bancrofthouse@
    To: velchanos
    Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
    Subject: Another thought

    My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
    confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
    Heather¡¯s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
    when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
    Linda, my sister said, then we¡¯d have confirmation on paper and if
    anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
    ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It¡¯s been 10
    years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
    wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?

    Perhaps we understand things a little differently
    here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
    determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
    claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
    Del Piano. Maybe we don¡¯t have to be concerned about the ways of the
    world? I don¡¯t know. My concern would be to take the actions
    hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
    Heather, based on what is true and real

    Part of my sister, Linda¡¯s, fears for Heather are connected with the
    fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother¡¯s
    side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
    very protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
    have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
    does need you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
    that she will make wiser choices.

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