Boyle Done With Badish Bondish Mold

Confidence Men and Women playing fuck-fuck games with the art world – and underage children – is pure evil! My grandson was so innocent. They corrupted him.

Rosamond Press

I realized after my last post, my family is a victim of Social Media that was controlled by outsiders who bought our Families Creative Legacy. This opened the door to sociopaths like Patricia Hanson who got her kicks bonding with bad-ass men. She had a son by a Black Panther whose sisters were friends of Angela Davis. Breaking Bad is fiction, while my family history is not. I felt I could draw on life experiences in authoring my own Bond book, and movie script. Being kin to Fleming via Liz Taylor gives me real permission.

Of all the characters in my family I enjoyed the most, my grandson, Tyler, is my favorite. He had his Bad Period. I can not say I am glad his badness is behind him. We had few boring moments together. In the top photo he is doing his teeny-tinsy-weeny ditty.

I know why my grandson had…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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