Challenging The Ethics of Alcohol Justice

I will have thirty four years of sobriety in April. Alcoholic Anonymous does not allow drunks to send a proxy to do meetings for them. You can’t hire someone to listen to how other alcoholics SUFFERED! The key word is SUFFERED! Christine and I SUFFERED from the disease of alcoholism, and sought help to STOP SUFFERING. The law firm of Buck, Morris, and so-so sold OUR FAMILY SUFFERING to a non-family member, who did not SUFFER, and she hired a ghost writer who did not SUFFER from alcoholism, to tell the story of OUR SUFFERING.

I wrote the Judge, or, Sydney Morris, and begged the Court not to sell the family recovery to those who do not want this program, and will use it to make money from OUR SUFFERING. I was ignored. In my next post I will show you how everyone around Rosamond was interchangeable. Artistic Identity didn’t matter. Family Identity, didn’t matter. All that mattered – was making money -right? Well, I’m not sure. It appears Christine’s ex-husband, and our abusive brother came away the BIG WINNERS. The progenitor of the Family Art, came away the REAL BIG LOSER, and that seems to be the Touch Stone of Authentic. Other then this, the REAL ART WORLD never SUFFERED such fraud and deception. Alcohol Justine should have championed my case – that is the most high profile case in the history of combatting alcoholism. Liz Taylor and Carrie Fisher are in my family tree – along with all members of the Getty family, who invested in PlumpJack. – that this branch of the Buck Foundation – went after BIG TIME.

There is no proof Alcohol Justice has saved the life of one poor drunk. AA has saved many lives. How many lives would my Self-help Message have saved – if the law firm of Robert Buck had not oppressed my Recovery – and turned it over to MY RIVALs who are also the Rivals of AA – and the the Rivals of Art? How incompetent is Buck’s law firm? They treated me as if I had no REAL FEELINGS, and was just out for money. Too bad you can not get paid by the hour to attend an AA meeting. Hey….wait a minute! The Buck foundation has two billion dollars!!!!

I still have the terrible job of going through Snyder’s evil book, and recording the words that claim Christine – was insane! Who wouldn’t be? I demonstrate the chances of anyone keeping their sanity under the Sizzle System – is not very likely. I wonder if Sydney Morris didn’t go Koo-koo! I think a Faux Rosamond Woman slipped a pair of rose-colored glasses on him, and made him a honorary member of The Art World. (Grifters take note)

John Presco

Self-help book – Wikipedia 

Politically Incorrect Iconoclast (

Two Ugly Old Men Capture Beauty | Rosamond Press

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (novel) – Wikipedia

Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

self-help book is one that is written with the intention to instruct its readers on solving personal problems. The books take their name from Self-Help, an 1859 best-seller by Samuel Smiles, but are also known and classified under “self-improvement“, a term that is a modernized version of self-help. Self-help books moved from a niche position to being a postmodern cultural phenomenon in the late twentieth century.[1]

As the Civil War dragged on and enthusiasm for volunteer enlistments lagged, both sides resorted to conscription to fill their ranks. This practice became even less popular and seemed even more unfair because the draft laws allowed men of means to hire substitutes to take their places. Under the Confederate conscription law, a draftee could evade service by hiring someone who was exempt from the draft to replace him-someone under or over the mandatory conscription age, one whose trade or profession exempted him, or a foreign national. Generally, the “principal,” as those supplying substitutes were called, paid a fee to the government as well as a large sum to his substitute. Prices for hiring substitutes in the South reportedly ranged as high as $3,000 in specie and even higher in Confederate currency. At such prices, only the wealthy could afford substitutes. The substitute laws reinforced the perception that the war was “a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” Many soldiers earning scanty military pay simmered with anger over serving with the richly rewarded substitutes, whom they considered little better than mercenaries. Other men served halfheartedly, hoping somehow to hire substitutes of their own.

Rosamond Press

It is 4;02 the morning. I just heard the approach of a train in the distance. It came close, and closer till I heard the rumbling of a hundred wheels on the iron tracks. I had a vision of going down on Amtrak to visit my daughter and grandson. Being on SSI due to PTSD and my struggle against alcoholism I did not have money left after paying for a round trip to buy presents. So I put objects I bought at Goodwill and Saint Vinnies in an old suitcase. I had to pay for a hotel near the train station in Santa Rosa, because Patrice Hanson would not let me stay in her home where my offspring and Tyler’s father, Ryan Hunt, were living. She was playing the Big Victim like her ex-husband, Randall Delpiano, who went to San Quintin for impersonating Bob Weir. Randy was a citizen…

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