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I see the U.S.S. Constitution coming into San Francisco and anchoring off Belmont. Captain Hull is allegedly my kin. Here are my incredible posts that are the equal of H.G. Wells!


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Well! Well! Look what I found! It appears the California Barrel Company was acquired by Spreckels Sugar in 1949. David Hamsher of Paul Hastings, began his search of who owned the property in 2018. He is working for Associate Capital, who I believe were not aware of the name California Barrel Company, until Hamsher told them. Then, they are the ones the gave CBC new life by acquiring a LLC?  Did they goodle CBC? If the did, they would have found this post.


The City of San Francisco is asking questions about who owns – WHAT? I am not sure, and there seems to be much confusion. For this reason I sent an e-mail Austin Yang, who is Assistant City Attorney. I sent Governor Gavin Newsom an e-mail on this matter. I also sent an e-mail to Erin Epperson, and got no reply.

In my post of August 31…

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