The Puritan Vision of America

There can be as many as three sets of reality occupying the same place at the same time. Like playing chess, you have to notice what pieces on the reality board are going to be played – next. Timing is everything. If you leave out history, you are playing by blind dumb luck – that produces no progress. As an artist, I map out a strategy – all the time. I tried another way, and it did not hold my attention.

The Queen once owned great powers of concentration, but, has become old. This causes the mind to always make the right decisions, when making the wrong ones produce a deeper perception of total reality. If you fear you are going to fall and break your hip you are going to map the easy route. When you are young you pack your own chute for the jump into the smoking volcano.

The Race Card had to be played for the sake of optimum results. Jessie and John Fremont understood this, and is why THEY decided to force Lincoln’s hand. At the same time they wanted to procure the right for women to vote, believing their oppression resembled that of black people. Why did they change their mind – is the question!

If you tend to the Queen’s core No.1 concern, then there is a complete reshuffling of the deck – and a NEW DEAL. The Puritans were on to this. Bring the Royal Influence in HER church to America. that she swore to God to protect, and so many bad ideas fall to by the wayside. Meghan can promote the Church of England – as a product. Take it or leave it. What is the BRAND? Meghan doesn’t even had to believe in God or Jesus. Why?


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My Angel Guides Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Posted on November 10, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press
Joe and Kamala represent the mixed race couple that Bob Jones banned from his university that caused him to lose his tax exemption, and thus began the division of the Christian-right that took over the Rebpilcian party in the red states.

Rosamond Press

The Duke and Duchess may find a home in America, or, Canada. I saw this coming. There can be no doubt I am a great prophet.

My angel bids me to bless my daughter, my unborn daughter, and Robert Dew whose kin may be on the Royal Plantagenet Roll. I can now identify my deep concern, being, when I die who will inherit my Guardian Angel? I must ignore the pretentions of Patrice Hanson, and behold Heather Hanson – as she deserved to be seen – before she was born. My offspring are Angelic Heirs, and are Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie!

I have spent thousands of hours establishing the Royal Rosamond Brand that I have connected to the Royal Windsors. Let those who have intercepted, or, delayed, this Brand from being received by my daughter, step aside. I have the end of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.

Rosamond Press

Did the Puritans believe they were looking at people from India when they landed in the New World. Kamala Harris can trace her DNA to India and Africa.

I just awoke from a late Old Man Nap due to the Ducks Game. I had a vision about celebrating Guy Fawkes Day in Bozeman Montana. It will be a bi-partisan affair. As the sun sets, Rena Easton will begin to read from my great grandfather’s long poem. A guest missionary from Africa will finish God’s Work began on October 5th. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be the Guests of Honor.

John Wilson was America’s most prolific writer who helped John Eliot compose his Indian Bible which is one of the most amazing books ever written. It shows the European settlers wanted Native Americans to own equality in the Words of God, and not to be subjected with them. Marilyn…

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