The Nation of Fromond

I lay out my plan for the New Nation of Fromond just in case the Evangelical Traitors seize our Democracy. Dan Brown wrote fiction. If you understand real history and literature has a way shaping THE PRESENT…then you own a Time Machine. H.G. Welles explored this idea. Did he see a religious cult, based upon a few passages from Revelations, taking over the most powerful nation on earth? The Merovingians claimed they descended from King David who the Insurrectionist Loons mistake for their Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

Francus and Lady Liberty | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Did you take in your Golden Bee Lesson, so you wont’s have to die stupid?

New Nation of Fromond


The New Nation of Fromond will be born the day after Trump is inaugurated. I suggest we have a massive celebration in San Francisco celebrating the transfer of all America’s Creative Spirit over the The People of Fromond. Frodomond is a alternative spelling. Let us create a collective legacy that will be passed down for generations to come. The Counter Culture may not have suitable Heirs.

The Fromondese will be as Green as can be. More details are coming. Study the plans for Cascadia. John Fremont founded the West. I have read his French surname is derived from Fromond. He was the first Presidential candidate for the Republican Party he co-founded. We will take away Trumps permission to use our founding father’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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