Bust of Churchill

I am going to write the Secretary of State and inform him of the bust of Winston Churchill that is in the Pentagon.

I just sent Antony Blinken this message:

John Presco

Dear Mr. Secretary of State; Let me congratulate you on your appointment. Two weeks ago I sent a message to President Biden about the removal of the statue of Winston Churchill from the Oval office that I have been authoring the history of . A woman who modeled for me married Commodore Sir Ian Easton of the British Defense Staff Washington. She was born in Nebraska and danced for the Royal Ballet. There is a bust of Churchill in the Pentagon done by Vivian Mallock who also did a life-size statue of a Irish Dancer. I see there is a ‘Art Embassies’ program that I would like to contribute to. What I suggested to the President was a rotating show in the Oval Office, but, I see one in the press room behind the Press Secretary who will briefly speak about at every news conference. The featured work will appear on the webpage. I began my James Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ after discovering I am kin to Ian Fleming via my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. This novel is inspired by Rena Easton. “I would like to form, or be on the People’s Art Committee in order to make your decorating schemes more Democratic – and orderly – not to mention more meaningful. History and art lessons can be given on a Presidential site, that inform all Americans – and the world – of the movement of our National Treasures. Indeed, let us form a Adopt a Work of Art program. We tend to protect works of art that we feel we own – if only in part”.

The Secretary of State – United States Department of State

U.S. Department of State – Art in Embassies


On 6 May a new bust of Winston Churchill was unveiled at the Pentagon by United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work and General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of the British Defence Staff. The finished bronze, created at 1 1/2 times life-size, was crafted by British sculptor Vivien Mallock and is a gift from the British Ministry of Defence to the permanent collection of the United States Department of Defense.

The unveiling ceremony was held in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes and was attended by senior military officers of both nations, including Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph  Dunford, the recently nominated Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, along with the Chiefs of Staff of the Army and Air Force and the Chief of Naval Operations, as well as the British counterparts. In addition to Executive Director Lee Pollock, The Churchill Centre was represented by Trustees Elliot Berke and Paul Brubaker.

In presenting the bust, Sir Nicholas remarked: “How delighted Churchill himself would be to see we are following the final piece of advice that he ever gave to his ministers upon leaving Downing Street for the final time in 1955—‘Never be separated from the Americans.’” The alliance between the United States and Britain is more than just shared national interests, he continued, “it is shared human ideals and a profound trust in democracy.”

In accepting the bust, Secretary Work said: “It is a most appropriate time to celebrate the legacy of Winston Churchill as this Friday we mark the seventieth anniversary of VE-Day, Victory-in-Europe day. Churchill did so much to make that victory possible—along with the British people, who truly gave their blood, sweat, and tears during that titanic struggle of the twentieth century.”

Centre Executive Director Lee Pollock expressed the appreciation of the Churchill family and the artist for the placement of the bust and thanked both Departments, as well as donors Alan Spence and John Michaelson, for making it possible. After noting that Churchill was a graduate of Sandhurst and that his first profession was that of army officer, Pollock concluded: “In years to come, as you walk through this corridor, pause for a moment and think of Winston Churchill. He still has much to say to all of us today, civilian and military alike.”

New President’s Art Buddy

Posted on January 21, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

At 8:10 A.M. I sent President Joe Biden an offer to be his ‘Art Buddy’. You can say I am carrying on a Family Tradition. I offered to be Trump’s ‘Art Buddy’ and got no response. I employed the bust of Winston Churchill to make my point. This work is now back in the news as of this morning. I put this controversy in my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Dear Mr. President: When Trump won, I sent him a message offering to be his ‘Art Buddy’. On my blog, Royal Rosamond Press, I showed a pic of President Obama contemplating the bust of Winston Churchill who helped found the British Defence Staff Washington so that there would always be a bond between our two Nations. I just read this work of art has been removed from the Oval Office. In the last five years, I have tried to find out the fate of BDS, to no avail. Can you give me a report? Also, I became a Republican after Obama won a second term because I saw the terrible division coming. I am kin to John Fremont and his father-in-law Senator Thomas Hart Benton whose statue was going to be removed from the Hall of Statues, but the bill to do so confused his with his grand nephew, the muralist, Thomas Hart Benton, who is the third cousin of the muralist, Garth Benton, who was married to my famous sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, a world famous artist. I have voted for Democrats as a Republican, and am considering running in 2025. I am a historian and theologian who has been ordering extremists to get out of my families party and respect our family traditions. I would like to form, or be on the People’s Art Committee in order to make your decorating schemes more Democratic – and orderly – not to mention more meaningful. History and art lessons can be given on a Presidential site, that inform all Americans – and the world – of the movement of our National Treasures. Indeed, let us form a Adopt a Work of Art program. We tend to protect works of art that we feel we own – if only in part.

Downing Street has said it is up to President Biden how he decorates the Oval Office, after it was reported that a bust of Winston Churchill, lent by the UK government, has been removed.

“The Oval Office is the president’s private office, and it’s up to the president to decorate it as he wishes,” Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said, adding: “We’re in no doubt about the importance President Biden places on the UK-US relationship, and the prime minister looks forward to having that close relationship with him.”

Johnson’s relaxed attitude is in marked contrast to his criticism of Barack Obama, when the former president moved the Churchill bust aside.

Writing in the Sun in 2016, Johnson, then London mayor, and the author of a Churchill biography, called Obama’s decision a “snub,” suggesting it may have been because of “the part-Kenyan president’s ancestral dislike of the British empire”.

Winston Churchill bust ‘not on display’ in Joe Biden’s Oval Office (telegraph.co.uk)

No 10 takes relaxed view as Biden removes Churchill bust from Oval Office | Boris Johnson | The Guardian

Art Buddy Gone Bad!

Posted on January 19, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

In the last ten years I tried to make several people my Art Buddy, but, they betrayed me, stabbed me in the back – and became my Judas.

Trump’s staff have apparently looted the White House. If these objects of art are not returned by sundown tomorrow, I will send an e-mail to Interpol.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

A Newspaper For The Arts

A pheasant took flight from the White House Thursday afternoon.Toted by Debbie Meadows, wife of White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the taxidermy bird was moved out of Meadows’ West Wing office, among other boxes and souvenirs from his time in the administration, and placed into the trunk of a waiting SUV.With just days left in the Trump administration, the White House complex is abuzz with signs of the end of one presidency and the beginning of another, staffers pushing carts with empty and full boxes, aides bidding farewell to their departing colleagues, and some walking out with large framed photograph mementos — a jolting air of normalcy in the wake of last week’s deadly insurrection at the US Capitol and the anticipation of more violence around Wednesday’s inauguration.Questions abounded Thursday after a trio of unidentified masked officials walked a bronze bust of President Abraham Lincoln outside the front door of the West Wing. To whom did it belong? And where, precisely, was it off to?Items such as the Lincoln sculpture were on loan from the official White House collection and part of a documented process wherein thousands of pieces of art, decorative art, sculpture, china, silver and other items are historicallypreserved. 

Workers move boxes onto a truck on West Executive Avenue between the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021. Workers move boxes onto a truck on West Executive Avenue between the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021. These items are available for the incoming president and first lady to select at the start of a new term, as the Trumps did in 2017.

Gallery – Vivien Mallock

The Royal Janitor – With Art Lesson

Posted on August 9, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press


The Continuation of Chapter below. Go there, then come back.

Admiral Swinburne was rather pleased with himself that he had passed the test administered by the beautiful black receptionist. He had gained admission into one of the most Top Secret places on earth, and was about to have a sit-down on a exquisite marble bench, when he spotted a long corridor with sculpture niches. Arthur had been to Osborne house before. It was famous for its collection of sculptures.  He had taken time to see the collection on the top floors, but, had never been on the basement level.

Taking a few tentative steps down the hall, he peeked at Ms. Nattitude, who kept her head down looking at her work, which was the singnel to go ahead. Thirty paces down the hall he came upon a corridor that had a black and yellow tape across it. Peering down this hall that curved to the left, Arthur noticed about twelve blocks of marble that looked very similar. One was covered with a canvas that was tied down with hemp rope, in an angry fashion. There was a large note attached to it. Being in Naval Intelligence, Arthur could not contain himself. Reaching to undo the bow on the tape, he heard a quiet tisking. Looking up he saw Kwiango wagging her long finger at him. Then, he heard a loud shout that trailed off into this heartbreaking sob!

“WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME THERE! I felt so alone. So…….alooooone!”


Then came a loud crash with pounding. Someone has flown into a rage. Arthur identified it as a young woman’s voice coming from a door ten feet away.

“YOU CURSED MY SOUL! I can not die without a soul. CRASH!”

Arthur rushed to the door, and gave Kwiango a glance. Her head was down. She was out of the loop. Arthur knocked – and the door flew open! Arttur jumped three feet back! His hair was standing up. Before him stood a woman in a blue apron with a chisel and hammer in her hands. Her face was covered in marble dust but for the streaks her tears made as they ran down her cheeks. She was covered in marble dust. She let go a quaking sigh!

“Kwinago! I am done with this one. Get it out of my sight. Put it with the others. I never want to see it again! HURRY!”

Kwiango had already hit what she called ‘The Art Removal Button’ and here they come The Art Squad. Arthur watched them enter the studio, and haul out the sculpture on a dolly. The Art Police trotted down the hall, undid the bow, and wheeled the new creation down the hall that curved to the left.

“Who in the fuck are you?” Victoria Bond asked, rudely, for her dandruff was up, and it is rarely up. Only during a art session does she allow herself to be totally aggressive!

“I am Arthur………”

“Follow me!”

Arthur and Victoria headed down the hall, and past the yellow and black tape. Arthur leaned back as he walked, he wanting to take another peek.

“Stop it!” Victoria said, curtly. “Those are for my eyes, only!”

The Cheyne Art Walk | Rosamond Press

Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum | Rosamond Press

Art Therapy – With Parade


‘The Royal Janitor’

Admiral, Sir Arthur Lancelot Nelson Swinburne, at forty-five was considered the most handsome man in Britain. He was impeccably dressed – beyond the call of duty! His dark blue uniform had a cosmic depth to it. His gold braids were constilations, and his medals were awarded from Neptune himself.  When he slid onto the leather seat of the Bentley S1 Continental, he gave the officer and chaufer a smile of approval. The seat was tailor made for him. The ornate wood bid him to run his white glove over the warm grain. This lovely work of art was taking good care of him, and rocked him gently on the road to Osborne House.

“All is well, Admiral. And all, will be well. Some aspects of human existance – are perfect. How do you like the fountain in the circle, and the drive to the lower level of Queen Victoria’s favorite home? Not all of it was turned over to the public for their enjoyment. The headquarters for BAD found a home here in 1939. Churchill came often and wandered the woods and hills with his easel. Were you aware of this?”

Sir Arthur had a voice in his head. Being an avid golfer, he identified this voice as belonging to Peter Alliss. For years, Arthur did not identify himself as a homosexual, even though he had male lovers since he was nineteen. Only after he was forced to see a psychologist, did the truth sink home. Seeking a cover identity, Peter’s voice now called all the shots. It was like the sound of deeply waxed wood, and a loyal butler polishing the family silver. Peter’s voice made his inner panic go away. A golfer, is a golfer. On the course, only golf rules apply. One day a peer exclaimed;

“You sound just like Peter Alliss! Have you been practicing!”

As a joke he would call the play of his friends, lowering his baritone voice so as not to disturb them. At first they broke up laughing. And then they got into it, and shot the best scores of their life.

“Now teeing off……..From the Westmoreland Country Club!”

Arthur’s therapist showed him what a sequestered existence he lived. He dwelt in a all male world that only the Brits could build. Everyone was a Lord Nelson Fellow until there was another Queen of England. Victoria knew where she was, because she constructed it as she go. She lay down a feminine red carpet, that had its fare share of male opulence due to the husband she married,

For a change of scenery it was suggested he take the assignment of escorting Victoria Elisha Bond to the Orange Parade in Ireland. Why she insisted on being in this parade, was the talk of the town. The Intelligence Community was baffled. They were shanking their wild guesses into the out of bounds. Their male dandruff was up, because they couldn’t figure her out. She was an enigma.

“Oh dear! He shanked that one. I’m afraid he’s going to have to take a drop. I would hit a provisional ball – just incase it is unplayable!”

Standing before a wood door with quartz glass, Arthur tried the brass knob. The door was locked. Down a long corridor he saw a black woman sitting at a oaken desk. She had on native apparel. He waited to be buzzed in, but, this receptionist just stared at him. Perplexed, he raised his hands at his side, palms up, and tilted his head. This was the universal sign that asked;

“What gives?”

Kwiango Nattitude gave the sign of pushing the buzzer with her forefinger. Looking to the side, he spotted the brass buzzer that had a shine on the nipple. He pushed it. There came the sound of a buzzer. But, when Arthur put his hand on the knob again, the buzzing stopped – too soon! Looking at the receptionist, he waited for some commentary.

“Oh my. The dreaded lip-out. So close! I’m afraid he’s left with a dreaded five-footer!”

Arthur lifted his manicured forefinger to the buzzer, and this time, gave an extra long buzz! Looking at Kwiango with the hint of a smile, she let go a dazzling grin! She had the cutest dimples. There was sparkling gems in her eyes. She made a twirling motion with her forefinger that came down over her buzzer, then stopped. At the same time, Arthur’s hand was poised to grab the knob again, but, he knew she was going to tease him – again!

Now, at this juncture, one realizes being outraged would get you nowhere. How far would she go? Is she willing to get fired just have her way with you, own power over you – just this once? Had something gone terribly wrong? How does one get out of this? This black native woman had him on the defence. Things were not going as expected. Before this incident, Arthur had a thousand options. Now, he was heading for Dunkirk to be evacuated. Arthur did not own a cellphone. A call for help, was out of the question.

“What a terrible lie in the bunker. His ball is plugged on the downslope, and the lip looms over his ball!”

Arthur looked deep into Kwiango’s eyes. His urge to laugh aloud, waned, when he beheld a more serious look on her face. This told him there was a way to get in, and he has not found it yet. Arthur is reminded of the three riddles the knight must solve in order to cross the bridge. Why Hitler’s army was able to defeat the British expeditionary force so easily, came to mind. The British generals expected things to go their way. There was no plan when it did not. Being utterly predictable almost put Albion in Hitler’s back pocket. The motto of BAD came to mind:

“Never expect the un-expected. THINK!”

There is a solution. This woman would not go so far, if there was not. Arthur……

“……steps away from the ball, studies the lie and the lip. Now, he addresses the ball. Makes sure he has a firm footing, and – swings as hard as he can!”

Arthur’s nose was pressed to the glass, he in a spread-eagle position as he grabbed the doorknob, and pressed the buzzer at the same time.


Kwiango claps her hands in joy. Arthur can barely hear her laughter above his own merriment. This is when he felt the eyes of the chauffer were upon him, he wondering what kind of fool these mortals be.

“What a shot! He’s holed it. Unbelievable!”

To be Continued

I live in a small Hampshire village about a five minutes’ walk from the workshop of the artist Vivien Mallock. We have been friends for a long time, as I first served in the Army with her husband Ross some fifty years ago. Vivien is a leading sculptress, and I had often seen her at work and marvelled at her skill when in September 2010 I casually asked what she would create as her next project. She replied that she had recently submitted a detailed application to be chosen for a commission to create a bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill. I rather brashly said: “I haven’t heard anything about this!” Equally surprised, she replied: “Why should you?” Clearly, she knew nothing of my Churchill interests, so I told her about them, which led her to say: “I wish I had known that months ago: it would have saved me a lot of research work.”

Not long afterwards, in November, Vivien heard that she had been selected for the commission. She then told me that this was from the UK Ministry of Defence, which wanted to present the bronze to the US Department of Defense for permanent display in the Pentagon. The bronze would be one-and-a-half times life-size and extend from the top of Sir Winston’s head to the bottom of his waistcoat. At about this time I thought I should find out if the Churchill family was aware of what was in the wind; it was a complete surprise to them all.

While Vivien worked on Sir Winston, I visited frequently to see how she was getting on and supplied her with a large number of photographs, so that she could study the details of her subject from every angle. I also took several photographs of the bust as the work progressed and showed them to members of the Churchill family, so that they were no longer in the dark. Finally, I was able to introduce Ross and Vivien to Lady Soames, the Hon. Celia Sandys, and Randolph Churchill. The work was finished in September 2013.

In December 2013 the bronze made its first appearance, when it was unveiled before Randolph Churchill at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), next to the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall. This was a temporary waiting room until Sir Winston was ready to cross the Atlantic. At length the RAF was able to give him a flight to Washington (presumably First Class), where he took up residence at the British Embassy for a few months until a suitable opportunity for a dedication ceremony arose. This at length took place in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes. The final unveiling was jointly carried out by US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work and British Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Nicholas Houghton in the presence of the Chiefs of Staff of both nations.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Here is my model job for Victoria Bond. View Vacancy – British Defence Staff United States Team Support Officer
    The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.
    Job Category
    Other British Government Departments (Partners across Government, including UK Visas)
    Job Subcategory
    MOD (Ministry of Defence)
    Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

    As a Team Support Officer:

    Conducting administrative day-to-day support for one of six team’s within BDSUS to include diary management, arranging meetings and travel schedules. Be the team focal point for the MODNET computer system and ensuring that data is correctly stored and controlled on the filing system and champion electronic ways of working amongst the team members. Initiating and following through team correspondence as required. Calling for and collating briefs, researching material and co-ordinating staff officer input where appropriate. Handling official sensitive and classified documents and e-mails as required. Control personnel data records as required, including being the focal point for keeping a record of the team outside the Embassy. Maintain contacts in other offices in order to arrange meetings and functions.

    1. Ensure principal and the team members are supported in a variety of administration duties, which includes the controlling, filling and recording of information (emails, electronic documents, paper documents) onto the MOD computer systems. Running the Principal’s diary and/or central team diary, highlighting issues in advance where diary conflicts occur. Booking rooms, arranging IT facilities, and setting-up presentations or other media for meetings as required, ensuring the relevant data protection and security protocols are followed.

    2. Be the focal point for the recording of team members outside the Embassy footprint and within the USA by maintaining accurate records and contact details in a database. Ensuring the Attaché and Assistant Attaché or Counsellors and their staff are made aware of relevant changes to the footprint on a monthly basis. Liaising with Hd BDSUS and COS team to ensure latest footprint data is incorporated into BDS presentations.

    3. Maintaining desk-level contacts in key Government Departments, Congressional, DoD and foreign embassy offices in support of the teams objectives in arranging admin support for a function or event.

    4. Be responsible for, and hold if required, a Government Procurement card (GPC) in order to facilitate expenditure within authorised limits and authority. Control and track authorised expenditure to ensure timely completion of annual budget requests and quarterly returns.

    5. Maintain competence in Data Protection policies and be the focal point for Data Protection issues in regards to team output.

    6. Attend meetings and record information to produce draft minutes of meetings or records of decisions.

    7. Arrange accommodation, travel and transport, as required for the Principal and team members in support of team activities.

    8. Assisting in the organisation of the principal and team official functions, to include assisting in preparing business cases for official entertainment and functions, maintaining guest data, compiling guest lists, managing invitations, and meeting/greeting guests. Maintain official hospitality book.

    9. Handle UK classified information documents on relevant IT systems and in paper copy

    10. Be prepared to support other teams in administration support as required.

    Essential qualifications, skills and experience

    Essential on arrival: High degree of knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications including Microsoft outlook.

    Previous history of working in general administration duties.

    Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to be professional, confident, courteous, and deal with interlocutors at senior level

    Strong independent judgement, excellent organisational skills, the ability to multi-task and strong problem solving skills

    Excellent customer service skills, with proven ability to take responsibility and exercise considerable discretion

    Desirable qualifications, skills and experience
    Understanding of UK defence and UK government

    Required competencies
    Seeing the Big Picture, Making Effective Decisions, Collaborating and Partnering, Delivering at Pace
    Application deadline
    9 September 2018
    A2 (L)
    Type of Position
    Working hours per week
    North America, Caribbean and British Overseas Territories
    United States
    Location (City)
    Type of Post
    British Embassy
    Number of vacancies
    Starting hourly salary (USD)
    $ 20.74
    Start Date
    29 October 2018
    Other benefits and conditions of employment
    On taking up post you will have to complete Data Protection training which is mandated for this post as well as in house training on defence computer systems. The learning and development opportunities, including through formal training courses, are excellent. The job provides scope to broaden knowledge and experience through getting involved in the breadth of UK/US defence engagement.

    Additional information
    The British Government recognises the importance of a diverse workforce and the importance of flexible working to achieve that. Working hours in this role can potentially be flexed to meet the needs of individuals, including reduced hours or job share, depending on the team the individual is recruited to.

    The successful candidate must be able to start work immediately, once relevant clearances have been obtained.

    This is an exciting opportunity to work within the British Defence Staff at the British Embassy, Washington who have six vacancies for General support officers who will provide individual professional administration support to one of six defence teams operating within the British Embassy. The successful candidates will be appointed to one of the teams within the Embassy depending on the individual security and administration requirements of that team.

    The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.

    You only need to make one application to be considered for all six posts. The candidates will be expected to show a history of working in an administrative environment and should provide a covering letter with CV to accompany the FCO application. The post would suit an individual who can work at a demanding pace and has a high standard of IT skills in Microsoft office applications with an ability to balance competing demands.

    Please be aware that you will only be able to apply to vacancies for Local Staff roles with the British Government through this official tal.net site (operated by Oleeo). Jobs may be advertised on third party websites, however our adverts will always link back to the official tal.net site. If you complete and send an application through any other site, we will not receive it.
    This opportunity is closed to applications.

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