Anatomy of a Rogue Wave

In 2015 I began ‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’ that became a real-life adventure when I leant Christine’s biography to me neighbor who shared it with several people after I told her not to. I wanted her to go over the accounts of the “rogue wave” that allegedly “killed” my famous sister. This demented woman employed my old enemies and ugly neighbors to harass me while I worked getting my newspaper-blog out. Wave became ‘The Royal Janitor’ after I proved Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my cousin. Through her I am kin to Ian Fleming.

Rosamond Press

My beloved sister Christine, walked in my footsteps. She saw me make something from nothing – all the time! She saw me make bright gods from the dark scat our parents put in our way. She wanted to be like me! Two ghost writers were hired by Stacey Pierrot TO HIDE THE TRUTH I just told you. On Tuesday I told Shamus Dundon he has been helping Stacey Pierrot hide the truth. Shannon Rosamond wrote me on facebook and said she found evidence Vicki conspired with Pierrot to betray her. She contributed to the lies Tom Snyder told. Did her son help, and thus, there was no need to read ‘When You Close Your Eyes wherein it claims my beloved sister was doing very advanced work – while hiding in a closet – at four years of age!!!!!!!

Above is a Mother’s Day card that Christine’s teacher ha her, and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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