A Literary Kidnapping

Never before in the anals of history, has someone been disappeared in order to render one biography a resounding succeess, while making sure another biography is never published. Above is a envelope that was returned to me when Patrice Hanson closed her P.O. Box, and, disconnected her phone – just before I was to attend my daughter’s High School graduation. I was under the impression Heather was seventeen because I checked on California laws in regards to kidnapping. I said she had been captured, taken hostage, but it is I who was captured by my desire to have a child, have half of my beautiful daughter in my life for the first time.

Patrice felt like she had a right to contact any member of my family she wanted to. We were never married, nor had she met any member of my other than me. This goes for Heather Hanson, who told me Stacey Peirrot sent her a Rosamond Gallery brochure which containted an image of her favorite print ‘Magan’. I had just seen my daughter for the first time in March of 2001 and wondered why Pierrot sent this brochure. When Lillian told me Pierrot sent her a photo of Heather taken at the Rosamond gallery, I surmised this is where this impressionable sixteen year old got that brochure. My brother Mark Presco told me he was going to be there, and, I asked him to pay my airfair so I could attend. If I did, I would have seen Stage Mother&Child walking in cold off the street. What I am saying, Heather meeting her father – was never a priorty. Being a Millionairess was the goal. Thus, the reason my child was disappeared, was, I got suspicious, and, they got afraid!

Above are photos of the log cabin I found for Patrice and Heather. I got my fiancé a job at the local school. I proposed to Patrice and bid her to remove Randolpjh Depianos name from our daughter birth certificate. Randy was impersonation Bob Weir and was doing  a Harvey Weistein on women he coaxed into giving him sex using his (Bobby’s fame).

I took the pic of Heather on the Berkley Pier – after Ryan Hunt gave me permission to be alone with my daughter. Heather told me Patrice wanted Ryan present because I was crazy and unpredictable, like her husband that did two stints in San Quinton Prison for fraud. Patrice is a passive aggressive and an expert at rendering perpetrators – victims. She had a son by a Black Panther who was close with Angela Davis. She knew Fred Hampton.

When I bid my daughter and her Stage Mother to stay away from my criminal family, she perked up!  Every wound and flaw would be worked by the Hanson Family. This is why I saw off the Hanson Limb from my Rosy Tree, and splice the Hunts in. How can you begin to love a father you never saw, when you are rehearsing the lies you plan to tell him. My feelings never counted with is a strong indicator you are a Mark in a Long Con. Heather enjoyed the power she had over the man who helped give her life. She played me with the help of her aunt, the Gypsy She-devil. Mark and Vicki assured the Con Artists I would never see my family again, so feel free to stab your father in the back, and betray him with glee! My Judas had come onto the stage.

Patrice and I had a fight over our daughter living with hot shot Scientologist, thus, when I went home, this question was put to a starry-eyed thespian who once played the Good Fairy Mother in a school play.

“”Do you want to continue seeing your father, who made mommy cry, or, would you like a million dollars – your first million?”

When we walked off the pier, there was Ryan on an observation deck keeping a close eye. Was he concerned I would throw THEIR ASSET into the drink, and that would be that?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Traditionally, the term “long con” has referred to an elaborate con of one or more marks which ends with the payout, when the marks surrender their money or valuables. Long cons play on one or both basic human frailties: greed and desperation, both qualities are also usually found in the mark.


California Penal Code 278.5 makes it a crime to commit a form of child abduction that consists of maliciously depriving another adult of his/her right to custody of—or visitation with—a child.1

Unlike the crime of “child abduction” set forth in Penal Code 278 PC, deprivation of custody can be committed by someone who actually has a right to visitation with, or even custody of, the child.2

As a result, PC 278.5 deprivation of custody is typically charged against a parent, grandparent, foster parent or someone else who at some point has had a custodial relationship with the child.

Deprivation of custody is sometimes referred to as “child detention.”3


Here are examples of people who might be charged with child abduction through deprivation of custody:

  • A divorced man has joint custody of his children, which means that they spend every other week with him. When he learns that his ex-wife has a new boyfriend, he gets angry and refuses to return the kids to her at the end of his week.
  • A grandmother is given temporary custody of her grandson while her daughter (the child’s mother) is serving a jail sentence for possession of heroin. When her daughter is released, the grandmother refuses to return the child to her and instead leaves the state with him.
  • A woman from another country who has been the victim of domestic abuse by her husband decides to leave him; she takes their three children and moves back to her home country without telling the husband where they are going or filing for divorce.

A parent who removes the child from the state and intends to deny access to the other parent may be guilty of parental kidnapping. More commonly, though, a parent who denies access to the other parent may face charges of custodial interference. Read on to learn more about custodial interference and kidnapping, and what you should do if you are dealing with this situation.

Definitions of Custodial Interference

According to the Washington State Code Chapter 9a.40.060, custodial interference in the first degree is when a relative of a minor child takes, detains, retains, or conceals the child with the intent to deny access to a person with legal custodial rights. A person commits custodial interference in the second degree, on the other hand, when the same occurs, but with the intent to deny access to the non-custodial parent who is entitled to visitation rights with the child.

Penalties for Custodial Interference in Washington State

A first-degree charge of custodial interference in Washington is a class C felony. The first second-degree charge is a gross misdemeanor. Subsequent second-degree charges are class C felonies.

A class C felony is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine of $10,000. A gross misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment for up to 364 days and/or up to $5,000 in fines.

As a note, kidnapping of the first degree is a class A felony, and kidnapping in the second degree is a class B felony. The former is punishable by at least 20 years and/or a fine of up to $50,000. The latter is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $20,000.

Does Moving a Child Out of State Count as Custodial Interference?

If a parent moved a child out of state without a court order, and the move is an attempt to hide the child or deny another parent his or her visitation rights, then the parent who moves the child may face charges of custodial interference. It is rare for a parent to be charged with kidnapping in a situation such as this. However, you should speak with an attorney if you believe the other parent has committed parental child abduction or kidnapping, or custodial interference.

Speak with an Attorney about Child Custody & Kidnapping or Interference

The laws surrounding child custody in Washington can be confusing. If you believe the other parent has wrongfully denied you access to your child, seek legal help with a family law attorney. In addition to reporting the crime to the police, speak with a family law attorney regarding how you can reclaim custody of your child or enforce other custody or visitation rights.

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