The Haffners wanted to spread this message all over Springfield after I asked who dogeared my famous sister’s biography.

“Do not trust this man.”

This man has been DOGEARED, which will be the title of my play/movie/ series.

Kim Hafner chose to associate her daughter, Megan, with this dark bullshit. What kind of mother would do this? Kim also puts my daughter in with these scum, and compares me to them. About six of my neighbors gleefully went along with it. They wanted it to be true. They owned no doubts. I can say I never used “sleep deprivation” to abuse a female. I have never stooped so low.

The woman who founded the fake abuser site, gives a list of things she found abusive. I suspect she had one partner to base all her fucked up ideas on. Every time he did something wrong in her eyes, she waited till his back was turned, then, went to her laptop and ratted on him. Did she hide in the closet? She knew she was going public with her list, thus, she stalked him, and used/abused him. She planned to take away his privacy.

In my series, women will send me their fucked up reports. We will pay a visit to the fiendish dude who has been DOGEARED, made to standout in decent society. I don’t want any reports of real crimes. This is the business of the Police. Alley Valkyrie said she made a police report. I know I did. I even talked to the FBI, twice. Alley posted her report on Mayor Kitty Piercy’s facebook, and when it was taken down, she posted it on the Fake Abuse site. I suspect these abuse reporters had taken their case to the police, and, were – DENIED!

“Ha! Ha! He called you cute when you got angry? Ha! Ha! That’s rich! Hey, Fred! Listen to this snowflake!”

They make you feel humiliated. They laugh at you or tell you that you look cute when you are angry or trying to be taken seriously.

This one woman claims her “serial cheater” began “topping” her. What does this mean? What is a “freeze response”? How come no one has made a abuse report about our President? How many promises has he made to women, who froze up? Did he try “topping” them? She is most upset when she realized her married lover did not have permission to sleep with other women! She let the anal sex “topping” continue.

“So. Let me get this straight. You want me to arrest a married man for cheating on his wife? And, you’re the other woman! Hardy-har! Har! Har!  Hey Fred, check this chick out. She consented to anal sex – after he threatened to be loyal to his wife!”

“Ho! Ho! That’s the oldest trick in the book. His wife hates anal sex. He threatened to divorce her, and thus she gave her husband permission to butt-fuck some floozy! Of course she denies it. She aint no pervert! Hardy har har!”

To hear Kim chortal for joy as her daughter – socks it to me – is at the top of the list of most ugly experiences of my life. My alleged sexual perversion is being discussed, and exposed in public. This is a real case of SEX ABUSE.

The six people in the video below are now a part of this abuse. What a wonderment! Can you see me knocking on the door of a woman who made this complaint – with my film crew behind me?

“They refuse to respect your identity. They refuse to call you by the names or pronouns you want them to, or they tell you that you aren’t a “real” woman or man, or that you aren’t “femme” or “butch” enough to identify the way you do, or ridicule your physical appearance, or your ability to pass.”

John Presco

Chayne in Eugene

He goes to LCC and is into literature. He does journalism stuff with a magazine or newspaper there but I’m sure what exactly.
His fetlife and okcupid profile name: 
He nonconsensually began “topping” me and sexually assaulted me. He took advantage of my freeze response but never got consent to do the things he did.
His wife later texted me that he is a serial cheater and that he is NOT in a open relationship like he claims to be on dates.

Abuser: Brian Jones in Eugene, Oregon

Brian Jones, in Eugene, Oregon. Emotional abuser. Amateur photographer who goes by name of “aikidojones”. Teaches martial arts. Pathological liar. Uses his photography and so-called “progressive” view of feminism and gender roles to seduce girls. He uses his childhood abuse experiences as an excuse to be emotionally abusive and lies about his unsafe sexual practices.

Are you being treated well in your relationship?

Most people know that getting physically hurt is abusive. Being pushed, shoved, grabbed, shaken, slapped, and kicked is clearly abusive in any context. Many abusers do not use these behaviors because they know they couldn’t get away with it. But more subtle emotionally abusive behaviors are equally damaging, although they can sometimes be harder to define.

Here are some concrete examples of things abusive partners might do. An abuser might do some or many of the following things:

– They frequently push or question your boundaries. They call you selfish for putting your needs first. You say you have time to see them a certain number of nights a week and they make you feel guilty for setting a boundary.

– They have double standards or keep inconsistent demands. Your partner is free to voice their opinion or emotions without ridicule but you aren’t comfortable freely expressing the way you feel.

– They can’t handle you being better than them at anything or having a different opinion about something. They frequently tell you what to think or what the best decision for you would be. They may say they know you better than you know yourself.

– They have contradictory or unpredictable expectations, “keeping you on your toes” about how to behave. For example, one month they say you are “smothering” them and the next month you are “isolating” them.

– They make you feel humiliated. They laugh at you or tell you that you look cute when you are angry or trying to be taken seriously.

– They are unable to handle you having a disagreement or different opinion. They keep you up all night and don’t let you sleep until you agree with them or say that you were wrong.

– They excessively text you or keep tabs on you by calling, texting, or with their physical presence. They show up at your house, or need to know what you are doing or who you are with at all times.

– They refuse to respect your identity. They refuse to call you by the names or pronouns you want them to, or they tell you that you aren’t a “real” woman or man, or that you aren’t “femme” or “butch” enough to identify the way you do, or ridicule your physical appearance, or your ability to pass.

– They complain about previous partners or compare you to past partners in positive or negative ways to hold you to a particular standard. They may criticize a previous partner for not engaging in sex often enough, adding “I’m so glad you’re not like that”, and making you feel pressured to uphold that statement.

– They have to approve your friends or dictate who you can see and when.You may not be allowed to talk to certain people. They may act so rude or embarrassing, or “bad mouth” them that you find it is easier to just not see your friends and/or family anymore.

– They use jealousy as an excuse for controlling your actions or demanding your constant attention. They tell you they are controlling or demanding because they care about you so much.

– They demand or guilt you into sexual activity when it is inconvenient for you or when you just don’t feel like it. They act like you “owe” them sex, or that they have a right to demand sex and your body.

– They make you feel guilty for changing your mind, having your own opinion, or wanting to do something on your own.

– They don’t respect your privacy. For example, they insist that you share all of your thoughts or feelings with them, or expect you to let them look through your phone, email, or facebook and get upset or pout when you tell them you can’t.

to be continued…

What does it feel like to be abused?

You may feel like something is wrong in your relationship but you can’t put your finger on it or name it.

You might feel like you are apologizing all the time, even if you aren’t always sure what for. You may feel guilty all the time, like you can never seem to give your partner enough attention.

You have generalized self doubt, uncertainty, and a reluctance to come to conclusions.

– You are constantly “walking on eggshells” or policing your own behavior to make sure that your partner isn’t going to get angry, irritated, jealous, or pout.

You are constantly reviewing past “incidences” with your partner to figure out what you did wrong.

You feel like it is your job to keep your partner happy. They need constant nurturing and attention, or they start to pout and get irritated with you. They might whine or burst into tears all the time when they aren’t getting exactly what they want.

You feel like you can’t trust your own feelings, emotions, or personal beliefs. You feel like your partner understands you better than you do. You may second guess if what you are feeling is real or not.

You are concerned that something is wrong with you, that you can’t do anything right. You feel like everything you say will be misconstrued or turned against you, that you are crazy or too sensitive.

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