Stealing Oakland’s History

I asked for Ed Howard’s permission to post this on my blog. He gave it. Three years ago I made plans to go to Oakland and see his film on Oakland history. Melvin Howard was going to drive me out to the Presidio to visit my parents graves, and then go look at a mural a black artist was working on. Something came up, and I did not go. I have contributed to Ed’s funding efforts.

John Presco

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Ed Howard

December 28 at 4:32 PM  · 

WE OAKLAND BLACK ELDERS ARE IN SUPPORT OF ICE CUBE’s “A CONTRACT WITH BLACK AMERICA”ICE CUBE has started “A CONTRACT WITH BLACK AMERICA” to give us a platform to unify Black people and it certainly flows with the (West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement) WOSPFM Organization. “TRICK-A-NIGGER” – Black people, all the other races in America knows about this statement except you, why do you think so many of the other races of people come to our communities to start their businesses? It’s time for Black people to stop being the “TRICK” and start calling the “TRICKSTER” out in our communities.

BELOW IS FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE WITH THE TRICK A NIGGER GAME: The businessmen, owners of Oakland’s “OUR TV” Station, Mr. Leonard Stephens and Mr. Andre Alporter tried to steal the West Oakland Stories (WOS) film from us. They lost the court battle and still has not given us all the tape/film footage up to this day. There is a warrant out for them but the police will not serve the warrant. They are a classic example of too many of our own business people’s attitude with our people. “TRICKSTER’S” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”

The Slave System (SS) just loves the TRICKSTERS and let them keep operating even when they are convicted in the courts of law for stealing in our community. The SS have no interest in removing them from our community. (STAND UP!)The West Oakland Stories of the 1940s, 50s and 60s film will help get us back in the mood to stand up. “No Negative Speak” (NNS) with each other.

It’s time for Black people to stop being the “TRICK” and start calling the “TRICKSTER” out in our community. When you have something that is really good for Black people, you can bet the Slave System will create opposition to your efforts, and the opposition can come from some of our own Black people. Let’s start by you SHARE, FACEBOOK LIKE, EMAIL, TWITTER, etc. friends know that we are ready to come together “NOW” and do something about our condition. If you are such a person “LIKE” “SHARE” AND “POST” We are Doer’s and not just a Talker. Copyright © 2020, West Oakland Stories Positive Feeling Movement Org. Motto: “NO NEGATIVE SPEAK” with each other.

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