Murder and Death of Leonard Buck

Big Buck


John Presco

Copyright 2020

I just won another game of chess. I used to play the smartest kin in school for a month out of the summer. Sydney Morris had to have talked to Robert Brevoort Buck about all the papers I filed. They attacked my integrality by suggesting I was trying to get money out of my dead sister my claiming in my book that Christine Rosamond Benton was murdered! It looks like ex-Senator, Leonard Buck murdered a business partner that might have been his lover as well. How ironic that while doing the history of the Buck family in Oakland, a dead file murder case surface! I mean, no one looked at this in years. It lay dead in two newspaper articles that were transcribed, but not published. This is a scoop for Royal Rosamond Press, a newspaper for poor Bohemian Artists who sometimes find themselves mingling with the very rich, whether as their patrons, or, when they apply for a grant.

The Getty foundation was began by my kin, J. Paul Getty. We are related through my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose ex-husband married a Mellon. In considering applying for funding from the Buck Foundation, and Alcohol Justice, I had to come to the terms that as a newspaperman, who owns a newspaper registered in Lane County, that I was labeled ‘Trouble’. For telling the truth, I have been attacked. In seeking facts about how my famous sister died, I was excommunicated by my brother who is a right-wing fascist, like the men who have sworn they would lay their life down for Donald Trump – who has gone to the Supreme Court and spent a million or more to have things go – his way! It is being reported by my peers, this guy with BIG BUCKS is destroying our Democracy, and the party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont, who along with his wife, Jessie Benton, held a salon at Black Point in San Francisco. The Fremont’s almost came to own the really BIG BUCKS when they bought a silver mine.

Christine Rosamond Presco, and her brother, John Presco, grew up in poverty in Oakland California. Their father, Victor William Presco, descended from the Broderick, Janke, and Stuttmeister family who were San Francisco Pioneers. When Christine became the world famous artist known as ‘Rosamond’ people with money wanted to get next to her and have an influence. I was pushed aside. When my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, she did not explain fully the reason she wanted to own BIG BUCKS. He aunt, whom she called a ‘Gold Digger’ had married a banker-attorney who owned a big boat called ‘THE TOY’.

I was toyed with. This poor man who discovers he is a father, is just a pawn in their game. Heather Hanson and Linda Comstock were not looking for a REAL FATHER, but for a way to get money out of the creative and literary legacy that my sister left to her two daughters. Thanks to the legal travesty and injustice of the law form that Robert Brevoort Buck, outsiders were sold this important legacy which was a cue for more outsiders to come crack into the safe. For destroying these two creative siblings, I raided Robert Buck’s history. It appears he is kin to Henry Brevoort who was good friends of  Washington Irving who was hired by John Astor, to author a manifest Destiny that was also promoted by my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who was Astor’s attorney.  Henry Brevoort founded Greenwich Village where he had  mansion wherein the first Masque Balls were held. John Astor MR. BIG BUCKS, attended these balls. I am still searching for the costume he wore. That Mr Big Bucks Donald planed music from the Phantom of the Opera at his rallies when he ran for President, is a theme of my book.

John Presco Copyright 2020

Battle For Buck’s Beverly Hills | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Here is a mystery. I was researching the home of Leonard Buck in Oakland in order to include it in my proposal to Alcohol Justice funded by the Buck Foundation, when I am reading about a murder investigation that suggests Leonard got into a fight with Ellen Hunnington – and they both died due to blows they gave one another? They were very close friends, and possible lovers involved in business together. Buck said he moved to Oakland to get her daughter educated, but, why not move to Sacramento? Buck was elected Senator. He is a Knight Templar Freemason. He appears to be commuting to Vacaville where his fruit ranch is. Did he move to Oakland to be closer Ellen?

Buck dies at home at 5:15 A.M. in the morning. Why is he not in a hospital? Were their defensive wounds and bruises that would rule out landing on his…

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