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John Van Trump Brevoort | Rosamond Press

Edith Sedgwick Kin To Henry Brevoort | Rosamond Press

Brevoort of the Village | Rosamond Press

Robert Brevoort Buck and The Davinci Code | Rosamond Press

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1989 portrait of real estate mogul Donald Trump hanging in room of his Mar-a-Lago estate.

What!!!!!!! Does this make you feel………….SMALL? Is Trump related to the family that built Greenwich Village, and, put on a masque ball? If so, he is kin to Beryl Buck and the foundation she created to help, or, establish a religious body or movement, of some kind. Was Beryl specific in the bylaws? I will have to take a look. I have made the City Manager of Springfield aware of Frank Buck, and his daughter-in-laws foundation. He sure would like to get his hands on some of that money, because Frank built Springfield!

Tens of millions of Americans are feeling SMALL because Trump is our President. Republicans are going to vote for a massive tax cut for the rich – while taking monies from programs that help the poor, and victims of alcohol abuse…

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