Zakir Hussain and Jake Feinberg

Jake Fienberg has become Stephen King’s ‘The Lawnmower Man’. He has gobbled up All The Cool Heads with his microphone and made written transcripts of his conversations with just about everyone. His Head Hunter show is the Who’s Who of Hip. He tried to get me on his show and hand over The Head Genesis because he needed The Seed. He knew I got The Seed. Everyone he captured….talked about….The Seed! If you go to Ken Babb’s facebook, you see it has become Feinberg’s Face Seed. Jakes got…The Kesey Seed….that Alleybelle tried to capture. I stopped Beauty in the Labyrinth from controlling…..The Square! Perhaps Jake should talk to Alley Valkerie – who will Spill The Beans on me, like El Lardo did?

Ken Babbs | Facebook

Jake Feinberg Show | New Transmission for the 21st Century

Membership Options Page | Jake Feinberg Show

The Lawnmower Man (Trailer) – YouTube

Rosamond Press

Two days ago Jake Feinberg responded to a post I made on his facebook regarding Ken Kesey’s cottage that I tried to keep from being torn down. It would have made a great place to broadcast a radio show. Jake asked me if I wanted to break-down my history of BEAF on the air. Right-wing radio is cranking out hatemongers by the ton.

I talked with Christine last night and she said she would like to be on Jake’s show. We might be able to get Peter Shapiro 0n with us. We talked about tripping with Bob Dylan. Christine is doing a prophetic reading of one of his albums. No one is talking to The Audience, Listeners and Dancers that made all these musicians great. In the beginning, they came first. American Bandstand got it right.

For over five years I have been posting on my idea for a musical…

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