Stefan and I in Einstime

Christine Wandel was Peter Shapiro’s lover for many years. They both came from Boston. Chris told me her boyfriend was jealous of me – and my art. I sent this post to Stefan Eins to put in his show. We exchanged e-mails, then silence. I began my portrait of Stefan and Christine – who said she feared for her life.

Rosamond Press


Stefan and I just conversed for an hour on the phone. He wanted me to send him the syncretistic photographs I took of cracks in Springfield. We talked about the Day of the Dead and All Saints Day – The Other Realm and Dimension. When I came upon pink lines put on the cement for the coming chalk festival, I saw they had framed Mr. Ein’s work, teleported them. These lines merge in the edge of the two dimensional canvas representing TIME and the birth of the universe – as well as the ability of the limited mind to concieve of such things. Everything is NOW permitted. Everything is taking place at the same time, and, is not limited by our perceptions.

After the festival I came back to find rain puddles reflecting and framing random clouds. I caught a AIRLINER in one of them. I was in EINSTIME! Stefan’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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