My Saved Oakland History

After visting Nancy at the Creamery, she suggested I author the history of the hippies because I could recall so much. This is 1986. Months later I begin The Gideon Computer based upon a character I drank with at the Golden West Bar. I have him dressed as Wild Bill who goes to Boston with his wife to visit her father who is a famous Doctor on Beacon Hill. I used Christine Wandel’s house and father as a model. I have Bill roaming about the house. He comes into the library and finds an amazing collection of books that he will inherit. Here is my connection to Poe.

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EXTRA! After posting the following I called to cancel my flight and they want $250 dollars. So, I am going!

The owner of ‘Oakland History’ did not get all my history expunged. I saved some of it. I will make sure he, or, she – lives in infamy! Below is the part where I talk about my ex-friend Paul Drake who played Mick in the movie ‘Sudden Impact’. After I caught him in bed with my lover, whom I was living with, I ended up in the Golden West Bar. Ten Oakland Cops showed up after I told Paul to come outside and get a ass-whoopen. It was a showdown.

Above is Buffalo Bill with Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Sioux. I was good friends with his kindred here in Eugene. I have seen photographs that no one has seen. I begged Joy to allow me to help her scan them.

I am…

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