Crazy Drunken Indian Goes on Warpath and Stabs Homosexual To Death

I heard the cries of the puppy as it was being stabbed to death. I ordered the thugs out of the appartment. They bid me to come in saying they had something for me. I refused. They emerged with bloody knives.

Rosamond Press

Eugene’s people are in Grand Island Nebraska and are Sioux. It is alleged He needed money to go to South Dakota to bury his diseased mother. I am trying to find out who she was and what day she died.

Now that we see the headlines the cops and DA did not want to see, let us LOOK at the evidence.

We know this is not true….

‘At the time Kelley left the bar, defendant and Hollowhornbear were the only ones there besides the bartender.”

“A police officer summoned to the scene found the victim semiconscious with a four-inch gash to his neck and a three-inch gash to his wrist. Asked what had happened,

What? Is it not obvious? Herbie is bleeding out, and this cop is asking a question? What could the motive be? Did a drunken patron go ballistic? That would be my guess. The cops…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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