Did Herbie Catch Hollowhornbear Stealing Bar Booze?

I was going to go to Oakland to attend my friend Ed Howard’s presentation on Oakland History when I found this history. I had Herbie put my portrait of Rena over the bar. Several months later he asked if he could give it to his mother who saw it. She hung it over her fireplace. This ghastly event added to my PTSD.

Rosamond Press

These three men are alcoholics. This is why they are homeless. It’s labor Day, time to party! It’s time to party everyday. All three walk into the Oasis, and get thrown out. No booze for the party. Dejected, they go to the Golden West where beers are spendy. They grumble because they are not going to get as shit-faced as they like.

Eugene brought the bag so he could hide the store-bought beer in it. Throw some clothes on the beer just in case the cops want to look in the bag. I don’t see them drinking in this warehouse. They might have been going under the freeway where many homeless people live.

Herbert has to take a piss. He has asked me to watch the place, when he had to go. As soon as the bathroom door shuts, Eugene tells Friend to grab the bottles with the spouts …

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