My Grandson -Tyler Hunt

I am a father and grandfather.

Rosamond Press

Randall Delpiano died CHILDLESS. Patrice Hanson told me they had not been able to conceive a child, and thus the reason for his rage. Randy’s Sicilian mother said there was a curse on the Valdare (?) family. Patrice had two sons by two different fathers, ages eight and ten. Randy was bruatalizing them.

When I met Patice at the Kerry House in Oakland, she was not wearing a wedding ring. I believe I told her about my famous sister. Patrice became obsessed with Christine Rosamond. Patrice’s parents were insane. Her mother had been in and out of a mental hospital. She jumped off a cliff and killed herself. Her husband beat on her. Patrice told me Randy beat on her boys, and asked me if they could stay with me. I moved them in.

I got death threats from Randy. When Patrice told me she was thinking of going back…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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