My Grandson -Tyler Hunt

Randall Delpiano died CHILDLESS. Patrice Hanson told me they had not been able to conceive a child, and thus the reason for his rage. Randy’s Sicilian mother said there was a curse on the Valdare (?) family. Patrice had two sons by two different fathers, ages eight and ten. Randy was bruatalizing them.

When I met Patice at the Kerry House in Oakland, she was not wearing a wedding ring. I believe I told her about my famous sister. Patrice became obsessed with Christine Rosamond. Patrice’s parents were insane. Her mother had been in and out of a mental hospital. She jumped off a cliff and killed herself. Her husband beat on her. Patrice told me Randy beat on her boys, and asked me if they could stay with me. I moved them in.

I got death threats from Randy. When Patrice told me she was thinking of going back to him, I threw her out. I wonder if she knew she was pregnant. I now believe she made plans with this convicted CON-ARTIST to contact Christine. Stalker Randy, who could not stop impersonating Bob Weir, had to know Heather was not his. Patrice could have found me after Randy split. She did not want to because her dream was to form a BOND WITH ROSAMOND! Patrce is mentally ill. She disappeared my seventeen year old daughter, and they went to see my late sister, Vicki Presco. When I found Heather two years later, she was pregnant with Tyler Hunt.

Below is an e-mail from = Vicki’s son, Shamus Dundon, who only told me my sister was dead when I sent my beauty post to his son. I tell everyone Vicki loves them. Patrice, has been sucking off my families healing energy through me, and my offspring. Making me out to be insane, is pure evil. Shumus makes me out to be dangerous for my daughter’s health. I am the monster! A month ago Shamus throws this in my face;

“If we are so bad, why did you try to make-up with us?”

You can ask this question of Patice Hanson who wanted to be in Tom Snyder’s biography which I forbid. When that didn’t happen, this Mother-Stalker now wanted to be in my story about two creative siblings. Suddenly, I am not a Baby and Puppy Killer.

I have not talked to my grandson in eight years. My daughter has a business where she presents herself as a Healer of Women! I reached out to her, but she has to stick to her mother’s evil story. Heather bonded with Randy, and cried when she learned he had died. I was there. This EVIL STALKING – is over!

Since Vicki died I have struggled with the truth she continued to see her father, after our niece, Shannon Rosamond, said Vic Presco raped her.  Vicki told me;

“Shannon knew better than to drink with Vic. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we drank with him in our twenties.”

I am the SCAPEGOAT of two families, because I dare speak out! It has been too threatening for my sisters, and Patrice’s family, to deal with reality. The beautiful children and artwork is a smokescreen. If you can roll in dough and Rosamond prints, you are healed of The Family Diseases!

I told Shamus my hypnotherapist said my father sexually abused me. Shamus said;

“I’ve heard too many reports of Vic molesting my relatives.”

The question is, how old was he when he “heard” the first report? Why did he keep seeing his grandfather? Why did he go get his fishing poles, while my sister waited in the car. They were on the way to Rocky Point.

I have thirty-two years of sobriety. My goal is to have a relationship with Tyler Hunt, for the rest of my life.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Shamus Dundon Corrupted My Daughter

Vicki 1978 Ken, Shamus & Vic







“I’ve already advised Heather in an email last night. I
suggested she may want to wait until after the baby is born to
contact you, considering she doesn’t need the extra stress while
she’s pregnent.”

Here is an e-mail I received from my nephew, Shamus Dundun, just after he told me he and Vicki Presco had formed a bond with my daughter, Heather Hanson, behind my back. Heather Hanson had disappeared from life. I had no way to contact her for nearly three years. Vicki told he Patrice called her and said she and Heather wanted to form a bond with her and other members of my family whom THEY never met. Vicki saw my daughter for the first time at the Bed and Breakfast owned by some higher ups in Scientology. Heather at sixteen was not living with her mother, but in the house of these people, she an opaire to their young daughter. I wanted my minor child to live with me, I deprived of this because Patrice lied to her abusive husband, told him my child was his child, his name going on my daughter’s birth certificate. There are a hundred sites that give testimony to how abusive Scientology is. Patrice’s son and daughter want this mother and daughter team to get away from Scientology and move in with them. I wanted Heather to come live with me in Oregon. Instead, I got this letter that Heather signed. I am labeled AN ABUSER on a witch hunt, I accusing people of things.

I am accusing people of lying and not getting the facts straight in regards to a world famous artist. This is key, because the executor wanted a book and a movie to be made in order to rekindle an interest in Rosamond’s artwork, and thus generate monies to pay off creditors and the Heirs. These posts, letters, and photos are not officially an Art Piece. I am looking for a respectable gallery to show this piece within.

Shamus Dundon had a chance to get all his facts straight in Tom Snyder’s book – that his wife, Kasandra Dundon, closes, with a warning about getting too close to the ocean. She talked with rescue personnel in Monterey.

We know Patrice is a liar, she saying she had nothing to do with Scientology, this accusation proof of my derangement, my sick need to abuse everyone who loves me. In the letter above Patrice says she is going to reutrn my e-mails. She did, and amongst them was her letter to the Mission. Gothca!

Vicki lied when she said she had nothing to with the adult Heir being arrested and put in jail. These people are pathalogcal liars who corrupted my daughter, whose only desire was get back to the Rosamond Gallery and start smoozing members of my family and the outsiders they blessed, so her dream of being a Country Western Star would come true.

Heather’s other secret, is she is sleeping with a 19 year old man who would get her pregnant. Vicki told me she warned Heather to not get pregnant. Heather did not want to live with me. At sixteen she wanted to live with HER MAN, and frobnicate out of wedlock! Here is Shamus telling me he should have waited till Tyler Hunt was born, lest I traumatized Heather and my grandson while still in his mother’s womb.

Pierrots’ website said everyone that knew Christine believed she was a sure bet to commit suicide. Do you think my loving kindred would still like me to take my life – after all these years! You betcha! How dare these monsters pretned to care about my feelings. To do this to an artist, while pretending to love a famous artist – is an outrage!

Vicki and Shamus gave Heather and Patrice power over me, and brought them into the inner Rosamond circle where they longed to be. To prove they are now loyal to vicki and Shamus, they call me “destructive” This was the title assigned to Hier, Shannon Rosamond – before she arrived from LA for her mother’s funeral. As she approached the house, Shamus went into a panic, he asked me to meet her outside – and handle her. Vicki met me outside – too! There is evidence Vicki loade down hee car with prints. Did Shamus help help her with her load. What good little boy!

The thought of never seeing my grandson fills me with unfathomable grieg. These evil liars are un-borning me. This is a form of MURDER!

Above is a photo of Vicki and Shamus with Vic Presco and Ken Prather, two very destructive and abusve men. Vic admitted he screwed his granddaughter, Shannon Rosamond, when they got drunk. Shannon said she was raped. Vicki told me Shannon should have known better, the same thing happening to them in their twenties. Vicki was living with Vic, and put this rape behind her. But, after hearing how abusive I was to my daughter and her mother, she hides them from me and gives them sanctuary. Ken was very abusise to Shamus, but continued to live with with him. Patrice stayed with Delpiano. When Ken threated to kill my sister, she joied the Navy. None of these abusive men have been punnished like I have been punnished for dare asking this question;

“Doesn’t a strong wind translate into large waves?”

For being curious – I must die!

Is that a cry for help on Shamus’s young face, or, has he been driven mad? Vic looks drunk, as usaul. I turned Vic in the IRS so he would no longer have the money to lure my kindred to him – like a bag of candy. He was audited, and blamed Christine, who was also audited. The IRS wanted to take one or both Bentons to the Fed Lockup.

During an evil divorce, a war of the roses can occur. Christine accused Garth of sxually abusing Drew. Are we looking at a motive for murder? Or, shall we argue about the wave action at Rocky Point some more?

Then, Vick intherited the Bag of Candy, and took the Art of Lying – to a new low!

I hate then people.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Mom called me last night after getting an email from Heather. Heather
was very upset about the things you said to her. Mom was ticked off
at me, accusing me of stirring things up by having Heather contact
you, so she wanted me to write Heather to advise herwhat to do about
it. Mom also said she would call Heather in a day or two to add her 2
cents. I’ve already advised Heather in an email last night. I
suggested she may want to wait until after the baby is born to
contact you, considering she doesn’t need the extra stress while
she’s pregnent. At that time, I hadn’t read all your rubbish yet about
you thinking I was posing as her. I will write her another email
suggesting she call you only if you write her anapology. (by the way,
write an apology as you would to her, not one you think is going to
me as a fraud) long story short, yes mom does have her phone number,
yes I could get it from her. No I won’t give it to you without
Heathers consent. You have her REAL email address convince her of
your intent and maybe not all is lost.

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