Our Living Hippy Museum

The Marbles are back!

Rosamond Press

Our Living Hippie Museum


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


They got a Hippie Museum in Vancouver. When I first beheld it, of course I thought the theme was about me ‘The Nameless Hippie’. Last week I talked with Christine Wandel about our ex-roommate, Paul Fauerso.  She chuckled when I described the facebook photograph of The Fauersos, as ‘The Whitenoids’.

“I never saw a whiter group of white people. They are whiter than white! Who would believe Paul was into Jazz?”

“Paul reminded me of Baby Huey!”

We talked about his wife.

“Her family are Texas oil barons. She comes from money. I let her know how pretty I thought she was, but, she did not return the compliment.” says Christine.

“Aha! So she is the one that wanted to get rid of us. You had been Peter’s lover, then Keith’s. When we became lovers, she had to get you…

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