The Republican Party Destroyed Itself

I became a Republican because my kin, John Fremont co-founded this abolitionist party that defeated the slave masters of the red states.

Rosamond Press

“Don’t fence me in!”

The Republican Party destroyed itself. Voters made a huge mistake. Our Democracy is under attack. The Party of Lincoln and John Fremont, is dead! A raging fool is at the helm. Trump is A-WALL! I will reconstruct! I will lead Republicans out of the wilderness.

Take back our pride! Don’t fence us in!

Play both videos at the same time. Look at what we could have gotten. This ass is making us kiss the wrong end of a horse. Gene made America great! We can be great again! Time to turn down his volume, and listen to our common sense.

John Presco

“We have to smoke out as many Republicans as possible by making the case that projects in their backyard are in jeopardy and will likely be raided to help pay for Trump’s ineffective and politically motivated wall,” said a senior Democratic aide.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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