Breaking For Bad Oregon

Here is my post announcing I want to be president.

Rosamond Press

I am back watching Breaking Bad. It is the companion piece to this blog. The hits just keep on coming. Tom Snyder excluded the rare notes Rosamond wrote because they are “the ideations of a person who was not well when she wrote them.” What a fucking idiot! His job was to increase waning interest in Rosamond’s art for the benefit of my nieces. I have done that in this blog. I can not be faulted – or sued!

Morris and Pierrot turned Art into a Sanity Hearing, that my Oregon neighbors joined in on after reading Christine’s biography! I haven’t lost my daughter or grandson.

That child molester for Jesus is running for office again. Another woman came forth to accuse Trump of raping her.


Republican lawmakers in Oregon have reportedly fled the state to protest a proposed climate bill ― and just as law enforcement received a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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