Republican Hijinx Destroys My Party

Demand that Trump resign – NOW!

Rosamond Press

I registered as a Republican a month after Obama won his first term. I did so because I am the Benton Family Historian. John Fremont and his wife, Jessie Benton – along with Radical Forty-eighters – founded the Republican Party.  This is the name on my late sister’s death certificate……..CHRISTINE ROSAMOND BENTON! We are kin to the Fremonts who secured the Oregon Territory from British rule.

I just watched the Republican news conference on the FBI results. Senator Warren Hatch said we are in somekind of mess “because Trump had a right to appoint him.”

The “mess” is a reference to accusations of sex abuse. All six Senators said there is no collaborating evidence of the accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh. These Senators complained about how unusual this appointment was. They only have themselves to blame because they refused to vote on President Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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