Culture War In The Fourth Turning

I posted this March 2017. If Trump loses, then all this superstitious bullshit does not have a home in our Democratic Government – that it crept into under the guise of religious liberty and fake persecutions.

Rosamond Press

Steve Bannon was also called “evil”  by Ted Lieu. Bannon hates everything Jesus stood for. He recooked a Secular Apocalypse that is turning the world upside down – as called for. World leaders are alarmed – and should be. Revelations is a real book in the New Testament.

Above is the cave Keith Purvis took me to with his kin and our mutual friends. It is located a hundred feet from the rock I fell on a year later. When I was authoring my theological novel ‘Where Art Thou?” I found myself sitting in front of this cave beholding ‘The Tree of Life’ in the back of this abyss, surrounded by a hundred galaxies. I had pondered God’s first question to the man and woman he created, and believed I had come upon the answer as to why Adam and Eve became invisible. THY LIED! They tried to hide the truth, and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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