Devil Graham & Son

The religious leaders that lay hands on OUR President did so to make him exclusively THEIR President, they convincing him he was anointed by /God to serve the Republicans – ONLY! This is TREASON. They need to be locked up and their tax exemption taken from them.

Rosamond Press

We were afraid of being incinerated by a nuclear bomb. Instead of sending men of God to comfort children, and teenagers confused by becoming sexual beings, Satan sent Devil Graham & Son. Billy Beast wanted Beast Nixon to win over Kennedy.  When Tricky Dick did become President, he broke into Democratic Headquarters. After he and his thugs got caught, they thought about faking a break-in of their headquarters to get them off the hook. These Trickster were after our souls. Why? Who was our REAL ENEMY?

Trump is being guided by Franklin Graham. Trump has no foreign or domestic policy, or a group to stop Russian Trolls. He and Franklin have flung our National Gate open to Putin and his church. He wants to see their ministers join hands in the Rose Garden, with only their news people present. I am sure shaming vaginas will be at the top of…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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