The Beatnik Murder Case

If I become the President of the United State of America, I will open an investigation as to who killed Sky, the Beat Dishwasher at the New Balladeer. I will reopen the investigation as to what Keene did those paintings. Note the artwork on the wall. I will declare Beatianity as the National Religion replacing the prejudiced evangelical cult that has become a sanctuary for racists. Note the black faces at the Venice West Cafe. There is the High Noon Clock which says….”We cater to Futurians!” Why is that Beat Goddess holding a lantern?

In 1961, when I was fifteen, I stood in front of the Venice West Cafe trying to find the courage to go in. I was authoring poems that my teacher compared to T.S. Eliot. It was these women, these vamps that kept me out. I was very shy of women. If I had gone in they would have done all the work. They would have ate me alive. I would be adored as The Boy Poet. As it turned out, I got in the middle of The Beatnik Murder Case.

My good friend, Bryan MacLean was a good friend of Sky who became the lover Melinda. Bryan and Sky hung at Venice West. Bryan played for Love. Here is Arthur Lee and Hendrix. Words were – King! Arthur sings Bryan’s song Orange Skies.

John Presco

Presidential Candidate

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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