Mary Magdalene – Sacred Prostitute

On this day, October 28, 2020 I unite and marry Mary Magdalene – a Sacred Prostitute – with my New Radio Church of God of The End Time Elijah. When Rena Easton/Christiansen came out of that dark doorway by the sea, she was my Mary Magdalene, a role that Marilyn Godfrey/Reed and I played when we were fifteen. I identify Mary Magdalene as the Angel I saw on McClure’s Beach when I died. I debated about the size of her hips in the painting I did of her in 1976. I knew if I gave her hips, that would draw much attention to to her Mound of Venus, and be arousing on the gross plane. I thought about giving her wings, but, that would identify this work as a spiritual and divine work of art. My goal was to depict The Kingdom of Heaven I was shown after my death. Last night I considered making her hips wider. I gave her the name Ross Marina. Last night I was bid to render several spiritual canvases – live!

As Jewish merchants traded in foreign lands, they sought out prostitutes known as The Kadeshah because God forbid His Male Sons to spill their seed on the ground, or, outside of a woman’s vagina. This prohibition gave rise to the Lilith Cult that Saul of Tarsus was the head of in Rome. Saint Paul probably ran brothels for Jewish Travelers. That he makes no mention of Mary Magdalene, is very telling, as he might have murdered her followers, hunted them down, and tortured them in order to find more members of her church.

I am a Republican Candidate for the office of President of the United States. If elected, I will establish Sacred Prostitution all over the world. That there were sacred male prostitutes, says that for a Jewish homosexual to spill his seed – on the ground – kept his soul from returning to God – too! This truth negates the Demonic Rule of the Republican Party of Satan – who forgive all sins if one of their cult followers demonizes a homosexual – and all Democrats. Pope Francis just blessed same-sex marriages. If I can figure out what Paul feared, then so can a gaggle of Vatican scholars.

What many Jews believed, was if YOU MASTURBATE your Sparks of God that are in the semen, are made available to Lilith ‘The Succubus’ who swoops down and laps up these divine sparks. The more she consumes, the more sparks you lose, until you lose your soul, and will not go back to God.

That’s it! This is what the Christian church has been about since John the Baptist was decapitated. He is – reborn!

John ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Hebrew Bible[edit]

The Hebrew Bible uses two different words for prostitute, zonah (זונה)‎[33] and kedeshah (or qedesha) (קדשה)‎.[33] The word zonah simply meant an ordinary prostitute or loose woman.[33] But the word kedeshah literally means set apart (in feminine form), from the Semitic root Q-D-Sh (קדש)‎ meaning holyconsecrated or set apart.[33] Nevertheless, zonah and qedeshah are not interchangeable terms: the former occurs 93 times in the Bible,[34] whereas the latter is only used in three places,[35] conveying different connotations.

This double meaning has led to the belief that kedeshah were not ordinary prostitutes, but sacred harlots who worked out of fertility temples.[36] However, the lack of solid evidence[23][37][38] has indicated that the word might refer to prostitutes who offered their services in the vicinity of temples, where they could attract a larger number of clients.[36] The term might have originated as consecrated maidens employed in Canaanite and Phoenician temples, which became synonymous with harlotry for Biblical writers.[32]

In any case, the translation of sacred prostitute has continued, however, because it explains how the word can mean such disparate concepts as sacred and prostitute.[39] As put by DeGrado, “neither the interpretation of the קדשה as a “priestess-not-prostitute” (so Westenholz) nor as a “prostitute-not-priestess” (so Gruber) adequately represents the semantic range of Hebrew word in biblical and post-biblical Hebrew.”[39]

Male prostitutes were called kadesh or qadesh (literally: male who is set apart).[40] The Hebrew word kelev (dog) in the next line may also signify a male dancer or prostitute.[41] Another proposed meaning is pimp.

The Law of Moses (Deuteronomy) was not universally observed in Hebrew culture under the rule of King David’s dynasty, as recorded in Kings. In fact Judah had lost “the Book of the Law”. During the reign of King Josiah, the high priest Hilkiah discovers it in “the House of the Lord” and realizes that the people have disobeyed, particularly regarding prostitution.[42][43] Examples of male prostitution (“sodomites” in KJV, GNV: see Bible translations into English) being banned under King Josiah are recorded to have been commonplace since the reign of King Rehoboam of Judah (King Solomon’s son).[44]

Most Bible translations do not reflect the latest scholarship and modern translations refer to King Josiah’s bans on “male temple prostitutes” [NRSV] or similarly “male shrine prostitutes” [NIV], whereas older translations refer to the ban of “Sodomites” and “the Houses of the Sodomites” [KJV, GNV]. Under the uncentralised religious practices that were commonplace, homosexual prostitution experienced a degree of cultural acceptance along with heterosexual prostitution among the Hebrew tribes, but under the religious reforms prostitution was not allowed in conjunction with the worship of Yahweh, where these had been expressly forbidden in Deuteronomy, their sacred Book of Law under King Josiah.[45]

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