Kill Santa Claus

Rosamond Press

The Saint Nicholas Prophecy


John Presco

The Speaker of the House has called Congress back into session to deal with latest delusions of Mad King Donald…darling of the extreme Christian-right. As evangelicals loons continue to puff-up the almightiness of Emperor Jesus, Lord of the Universe, there is no room in the Christian pantheon anymore for the likes of Saint Nick – or is there? I have suggested in this blog that Rougemont Switzerland may be the real home of the coming Antichrist, and, very possible, Ol Saint Nick – is the Antichrists! Since he got elected, I have wondered if Donald Trump is reading this blog, because it appears I have predicted the future on many occasions. Is this why Donald has become..


Has the Trumpire ordered Santa be assassinated by the beloved Right-wing militias? We know my life has been threatened by the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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