Sue Haffner Dogeared a Famous Biography

After employing my detective skills, and my knowledge of co-dependent behavior, I conclude Sue Haffner read the biography of my late sister, and, dogeared the pages.

Sue is at the epicenter of insanity. She knows she destroyed her High School reputation and has fallen out of grace with God, because her daughter will not allow her to call me and tell me the truth. I suspect her father is in a rage all the time and has threatened to come her and shoot me dead. He too went to Reseda High School when my niece’s father did. They may have known each other. Sue had to know I ordered Snyder’s book and was anxious to read it. Then she heard my instructions to Kim to not share this book with anyone until; “you’ve read it – and we have gone over the claims of the sexual abuse of children – my relatives!”

It never occurred to them they could order their own copy – behind my back! They were too anxious to start their family Gossip Fest, and leave me out of their divine circle. Sue is a Super Christian. It’s hard for this type of person – to be wrong!

In the last three days I have had the most revealing and heartbreaking communication with my niece, Shannon Rosamond, the Adult Heir. She has in her possession a bio that Sandra Faulkner wrote – that was never published – and a movie script I suspected was written by Julie Lynch. The Haffners and the Waltons think they are a premiere Springfield family. Cheryl said she was going to put a hit out on me.

Above is a pic of Cheyl Walton who came to my door in her pajamas with a pencil and piece of paper. After she was taken away kicking and screaming to the Johnson Unit, I tried to get her to get rid of her large bamboo tree that dropped seeds and leaves onto my deck. What she wanted, was to come inside and have us sit on the couch together while we make a schedule when she can come onto the deck and sweep up my balcony. I would not let her in, because I have no reason to trust her. I went to the management with this pic.

All the Haffners are using this poor mentally deranged woman – to destroy me! They want me evicted – or to commit suicided – before I figured it out, and write the headline above!

On Sunday night at 10 PM I heard Cheyl vacuuming the balcony. I thought she was sucking up the bird feces and seeds. In the morning I could not see the houses across the street. Then I saw the CONTAMINATION! She must have used the hose to blow this toxic matter towards my door. I called a service that helps Seniors and told them about the latest incident of harassment – and gaslighting!

I believe Kim’s parents are having a nervous breakdown – and a spiritual crisis – that has to be all my fault. If it were not for the DAMN BOOK Kim Haffner said she did not read. How could she not have!!!! Her GREAT LIE will be he first chapter in my autobiography. How many authors have been slated for murder for what they are about to reveal? This is why Kim invoked the name of Terrorist Anarchist Witches she probably made contact with.

I am going to send Sue Haffner a bill for my book, and if she does not pay, I’m going to take her to small claims court.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

“Yesterday, Sue Hafner, returned my call. I had just discovered that Garth Benton (Paul Garfield Benton) went to Reseda High School, and graduated in 1959. Two months ago I was at Sue and Jack’s home looking at family photos, and the 1958 yearbook, because Sue had graduated in 1958 from Reseda High. I was going to help her with a story about her grandfather, Maynard, a renowned pole vaulter. Jack Webb was at his wedding.

As it turns out, the actress, Merry Anders, played police woman, Dorothy Miller, in the series Dragnet, and, co-starred in the movie with Garth Benton, who played Buddy ‘Raiders From Beneath The Sea. Merry starred in ‘The Hypnotic Eye’ and ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. This makes Garth the most famous graduate of Reseda High.

Kim Haffner Reeled Them In


Stalking A Author

Everyone that knows me knows I am really into genealogies. So are ninety million other people. However, very few people have experienced the living hell I am still experiencing from Kim Haffner, and our neighbors she turned against me – in order to destroy me!

A couple of weeks ago, my new neighbor told me she was not taking sides in the feud Kim and I are having. She moved in six months ago and right away she remained distant, even avoided me. I figured Haffner had done her evil gossip nummber on her. How unfair and diabolical. This mother has enough problems then to be dragged into the snake pit Haffner has created, she drawing in five other neighbors. This woman has been deprived of her peace of mind and the enjoyment of her new home. She has children to raise. She has never heard my version of events – from me! I have no desire to get her on my side. What this is – is STALKING! Kim Hafner wants to be in my head – forever! She demands she be the center of attention. She is a sociopath that will employ, and use everyone around her. She is the one that reels them in.

Kim Haffner and I were good friends, once upon a time – until I gave her my sister’s terrible biography to read – that she claims she did not read! I used Kim and her late dog for a Columbo detective revival I had in mind. I had been looking at my Grandfather’s connections to Black Mask authors and wanted to see if I could be Raymond Chandler-like. I showed Sue Haffner and her granddaughter my workup at Sue’s house. This super Christian saw my blog about ‘Kimbo and Wade’. Kim read my chapter inspired by her Daisy – who suddenly died! Her replacement, Lola, is noise pollution who barks at everyone who uses the stairs, or walks by.

One day while on the stairs, I felt pain in my right ear due to Lola’s amplified non-stop barking that ended when I closed the door to my appartment. Hence, this menace started barking every time I opened my door, and then when it heard me unlatch the lock, I went to a ear doctor, and complained to management who gave her a warning. This launched her evil campaign against two cats many tenants had befriended. This was a big FUCK YOU to the managers. She did nothing to curtail what they asked her to put an end to. Indeed, she began to harass a seventy-one year old man – to this day! 

Things went south after I gave her the biography of Christine Rosamond Benton, a world famous artist who married into the famous Benton family who had much to do with the creation of the Oregon Territory. I told her this book was written by a ghost writer paid for by a rival of my niece and I – who I sent my copy to years ago. I told Haffner I was going to order a new copy, and as the persona of Kimbo, she agreed to read it and go over it with me.

After a month, I asked for my book back. To my horror about ten pages were dogeared. I called her and asked her if she gave this book to someone else to read. I told her why I was asking. She said the book must have come like that. I have videos of me reading from this book – before I leant it to my neighbor -who I began to ignore. I did not want to get into a feud with her. Haffner called me and asked why I was aloof. I lied. The nightmare began. The stalking began, because she was losing face – big time. I suspect she thought we would become lovers

In my sister’s bio, there are claims of sexual abuse of children that I did not want others to read. Haffner worked at the Johnson Unit and had some training as a therapist. She did not like how I talked to my upstairs neighbor’s caregiver who had gone to her car to take a break when Cheyl started throwing things on the floor to get my attention. I asked Kim to call her. I heard the phone ring, and no answer. Then I heard knocking at my door. When I opened it, Cheryl tumbled in.  She  was screaming;

“Call 911! Call 911!”

I called 911. The caregiver came back from her twenty-minute break – that Cheryl knew she took. I wondered why Cheryl did not call 911, or, pick up the phone – and ask that person to call 911. Instead, she came down a flight of stairs and PRETENDED there was a dire emergency. She was breaking the law. I knew Cheryl before I moved in the Hell Home. She had a giant crush on me. This is – STALKING!

Haffner saw her neighbor getting a lot of attention – that she was no longer getting after she lied about my book – that Sue Haffner wanted to read because she went to High School with Garth Benton, as did her husband. He was their school’s most famous alumni. He acted in to movies. I talked to Sue on the phone and told her this. I might have told her there is a movie script about Christine and Garth. Sue Haffner now owned SUPER BRAGGING RIGHTS! Did she dogear those pages? There were other suspects. I have the right to know. This is my family matter and history.

Here are some are some quotes from Nurse Ratched’s GASLIGHTING campaign she conducted from her bench. She told many lies t get much attention. I’m surprised she did not try to sell them.


To involve my daughter she or her family met is more STALKING. We had a falling out when she brought drunks into our story.

“Too bad you can’t talk to her!”

“You talked to my family!”

“Christians are Christian Nazis!”

“It’s all added up now. You are mentally deranged! You’re crazy. Downright crazy!”

“Mentally deranged!”

“Reeling in your next victim!”

“God help your soul!”

“Dorene is your next victim!”

“Pissed off that I didn’t read your book!”

“Sat on my desk, and that was the end of it!

In the last video we see that Kim tried to reel Cheryl in, and with the help of our neighbor’s, Krista and her lover, who would do Christian Justice and have me hauled off to the Johnson Unit. This is the evil editing Haffner would do on my life story that she thought she would star in. Did she consider us getting married? Will she do anything to get a big part in my autobiography? I am reminded of the Steven King’s book.

In the last video I read from Snyder’s book. He tried to get me to sign a non-disclosure agreement so I could not finish my book began before Christine drowned on her first sober birthday. I have 33 years of sobriety. Self-help books are written by those who suffered – and overcame! Note that I have book markers in this tragic story Haffner and my neighbors had no empathy for. They claim I am victimizing them. If the book came with dogears I would not have used bookmarks. I would have returned it.

I am seeking an attorney. The allegations that my parents worked in tandem to sexually abuse my four year old sister is here say, and not firsthand information.  This is why I did not want Haffer to pass this book around to our neighbors, or, people I do not know. This was the cause of our fallout. She and her family read ‘Kimbo And Wade’ and would surely want to read a book that ties them to famous artists – and an actor! This bio was proof I was not a bull-shitter, or deranged. Haffern no doubt show our neighbors Kimbo and Wade, then asked what happened to us. She invented a diabolical story.

John Presco

Copyright 2020


Garth Benton Went To Reseda High


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