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Three days ago, my niece said she went on a date with Alan Fox the billioonire who owned the house at Rocky Point. Alan was having a relationship with Sande Green who I suspect invited Christine to come celebrate her first sober birthday there. Viki refused to tell me the name of the owners. Why aren’t they at the core of Rosamond’s biography?

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Christine Rosamond Benton looks down from heaven and is very pleased to see I have put her next to our cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Clint Eastwood, who was present when Rosamond presented her portrait of Jimmy Stewart to the famous actor who acted in famous Westerns.

Today I will watch the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. Clint donated another large track of land near where National Velvet was filmed.

John Presco

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ttention nature lovers: actor and director Clint Eastwood just made your day.

The Academy Award winner has donated 79 acres of prime beachfront property to the Big Sur Land Trust. It’s part of a project to restore the Carmel River’s historic flood plain to reduce flood-related problems, while enhancing wildlife habitats along the river and creating new trails linking state and regional open spaces.

The gift, made through the Clint and Maggie Eastwood Trusts, follows another…

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