The Whole Earth Rose

Christine Rosamond Benton looks down from heaven and is very pleased to see I have put her next to our cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Clint Eastwood, who was present when Rosamond presented her portrait of Jimmy Stewart to the famous actor who acted in famous Westerns.

Today I will watch the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. Clint donated another large track of land near where National Velvet was filmed.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

ttention nature lovers: actor and director Clint Eastwood just made your day.

The Academy Award winner has donated 79 acres of prime beachfront property to the Big Sur Land Trust. It’s part of a project to restore the Carmel River’s historic flood plain to reduce flood-related problems, while enhancing wildlife habitats along the river and creating new trails linking state and regional open spaces.

The gift, made through the Clint and Maggie Eastwood Trusts, follows another 49-acre gift the couple presented in 1997.

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The former mayor of Carmel, California, Eastwood has worked for years to help acquire land surrounding the city for the project—which involves removing a dam, restoring wetlands, and returning part of a golf course to the wild. The California Department of Natural Resources believes the completed project will make the Carmel one of the best restored rivers in America.

A principal author of the Bohemian Modern [my term for it] design vocabulary, an idiom that found its energy source first in the Beat scene and then in the 1960s/70s back-to-the-land movement and its ad-hoc handmade house phenomenon, Brook-Kothlow was a major figure of first-wave environmental architecture in the American West. He specialized in conceiving houses that have that aura—an overwhelming feeling that gets you in the solar plexus the moment you sit down in front of the fireplace. Brook-Kothlow designed homes that manage to stand monk-like amid the most intimidating of idyllic scenarios. How do you insert a building into glorious perfection?

A ca.1967 photo showing the construction of the Chappellet family’s Hill of the Hawk in Big Sur. The so-called Big House straddles the saddle of the site. George placed the studio, which is detached, a bit closer to the inspirational view. Built of reclaimed redwood bridge timbers, this was George’s first solo work following four years as an architect with Callister & Hillmer. The builders were Lloyd Kahn, Owen Greenan, Paul Wingate, and Seth Wingate. Photo courtesy Brook-Kothlow Family.

Integrative Arts: The Fox House in Big Sur, a classic heavy-timber design by George Brook-Kothlow. His original plans called for plantings on the roofs, he made a point of telling me, but compromises with the client had to be made. As it turns out, the rock roof echoes portions of the surrounding terrain.

At this time, for most of Brand’s bohemian contemporaries, computers meant large and faceless companies like IBM. But Brand himself had caught a glimpse of a different future at the beginning of the 60s, when a copy of the first computer game ever written, Space War, had escaped from MIT and found its way to Stanford. In about 1962, Brand had seen people playing the game, and been astonished by the effect it had: “What I saw was an interaction around computers that was as intense as anything I saw around drugs or anything else that I knew. People were absolutely out of their bodies playing. It seemed that computers were doing everything that drugs had promised. Drugs were much more self-limiting than computers: the hackers had found something better than drugs, but theirs was the same bohemian frame of reference.”

I just discovered the house my late sister was invited to at Rocky Point was designed by the famous architect, Brook-Kothlow, for Allan Fox, who sold this house in a hurry shortly after Christine Rosamond Benton was allegedly swept from the rocks below this house that plays a prominent role in the counterculture and the development of the World Wide Web.

Brook-Kothlow was inspired by the ideas of Khan and Brand Stewart, who put on the Tripps Festivals, and published The Whole Earth Catalogue which was the model for the Internet. Stewart was at the Open Theatre with the Loading Zone. Clint Eastwood owned another famous house by Brook-Kothlow. These houses are considered HISTORIC works of Art and Philosophy. Why would Alan Fox sell one of these very unique homes built JUST FOR HIM? He had to know Eastwood owned one. According to Donald Layne and his wife, who I talked to on the phone;

Allan was in a awful hurry to sell that home, and did so at a great loss.”

Why was Mr. Fox in such a hurry to sell a home that he knew would go up in value. Fox is a big real estate investor. Sound’s like a bad business to me. Could it be I asked my surviving sister, Vicki Presco, who owned that house?

Why do you want to know?” Vicki spat.
“I want to go there and talk to them.”
“I’ll get back to you.” my little lying sister said. Fifteen minutes later.
“They moved!”
“Can I have their names?”
“What difference does it make? They are gone!”

This is when my investigation began in ernest. Michael Harkins helped me for a while, and then taught me how to investigate. I sent my report to the Coroner with this quote from Harkins;

Now that you know for sure you have been lied to, you must assume everything is a lie, until proven otherwise, and, you have to consider anything could have happened, including murder.”



Capturing the Lone Monterey Cypress

bigsur8 cypresstrepebble4 pebble5 pebble6bucktree3


Capturing Beauty

Chapter One

Capturing The Lone Monterey Cypress

“To date, Trattner and Hotelling agree, Pebble Beach Company has never sued an artist or photographer over pictures of the Lone Cypress.”

Last night I talked to Marilyn Reed on the phone about the article I read about the Lone Cypress, and the Pebble Beach Company who owns it in so many perplexing ways. They threatened to sue an artist they caught with his easel doing a plein air painting of the most recognized object in the world after the Mona Lisa. A billion earthlings have fallen in love with this beautiful tree perched on a outcropping of dramatic rocks at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. This is a ‘Last Stand’ – a theatrical scene! This Majestic Cypress has escaped the ugliness in America, ran to the edge, and threatened to take her life if anyone come near to defile her.

Well, she has been defiled. A group of rich dudes – who are not artists – now own her, and only have an interest in making a buck. These are pimps. The Cypress is their Star Whore.  I am reminded of my late sister, the famous Carmel Artist, Rosamond, who drowned in the ocean in 1994 after being swept off other dramatic rocks at Rocky Point by a “rogue wave”. Rogue means “lone”. as in rogue wolf.  Rogue Tree.

Marilyn is my childhood sweetheart. She told me she rented the movie ‘Big Eyes’ the night before. We compared this movie to Rosamond’s success. Christine Rosamond Benton rendered these beautiful Bohemian women with large eyes suspended in her infamous “empty space” that three rival biographers, and countless blogs, read much into. They spied with their little eyes, so much, but, they had next to nothing to say. Not one of them are artists.  I was reviled, even threatened with attorneys if I did not sign the Exclusive Rights Contract one author sent me that would have legally forbid me to write a word about my late sister that emerged from the same womb I did.

I told Marilyn I was having trouble exploiting myself, and, after starting several novels I have yet to finish, I concluded I was a blogger.

“Every day I blog. This is what I love to do. I am not a poet, a artist, a theologian, a architect, a hippie, a novelist. I am the Man Captured in the Gideon Computer. There have never been men like me. We are twenty years old. This is the end of my life.”

This morning I arose, went to my computer, and searched for the owners of the Lone Cypress. I am – AMAZED! Alas, I am at the epicenter of Rosamond’s Labyrinth.

One of the owners is Arnold Palmer whom I caught checking out Marilyn’s sixteen year old ass at her friend Cathy’s house. Our eyes met, and he blushed. Cathy was dating a announcer for ABC Golf. He might have done that new show that began that year at Pebble Beach. WHAT!!!!

Now hold your horses! Another owner of the Rogue Tree, is – Clint Eastwood! GET OUT OF TOWN!

Clint was present when Rosamond presented he portrait of Jimmy Stuart to this famous actor. Clint was the Mayor of Carmel at the time. Christine Rosamond had two galleries in Carmel. Her partner in the first gallery was a financial advisor for the Getty family. My friend, Paul Drake, met with Clint, alone, and was hired to star as Mick in ‘Sudden Impact’. Clint’s wife, Susan Lockley stars in this Detective flick. She is an artist and moves into a famous house where she does a self-portrait that looks like a combination of Mick and herself. I brought this up with Paul, saying Mick was consuming her soul, she now a serial-killer. Paul was spooked. He thought he was a actor playing a bad guy, and was in control. Now he has been sucked into a twisted psychological Art Game, where life does imitate art. Indeed, Paul Drake, the actor, appears to be the creation of the great recluse, Thomas Pynchon, who my ex was married to, and lived in Mexico with him, if you call that living.

It was my ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, who encouraged Paul to try acting, she saying he looked like Stacey Keach. She had given Paul a tour of her artwork on the wall. My friend had stared at the infamous ‘Pig Man’ that Thomas Pynchon believed was a portrait of him, big teeth and all. I think he looks like Paul and Mick. Pynchon’s movie ‘Inherent Vice’ is a BUST! It is a Dirty Hairy Hippie flick. In another chapter I will make a case for Eastwood’s movies being Art Movies because he is a closeted Bohemian, a ‘Hippie Killer’ on the outside in denial of his roots. Also, I will make a case that America is divided into two camps, the Pynchonites, and the Clintonians. Together they sustain the Great and Lost American Exaggeration.


I am also going to author a detective story called ‘Ten Old Duffers’ based upon ‘Ten Little Indians’. It is about ten golfing greats that are over the hill, but, they can not retire because they purchased a old golf course they thought would take off due to the owner’s fame. But, this was not to be. They will never break even. Now a rogue fan is creeping up on them and knocking them off, putting them out of their misery before they can destroy the reputation of golf.  Clint, if you want my story, send me an e-mail.


: a person who plays golf without much skill

: a clumsy or awkward person

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Three

What is really strange, Clint owned a famous house that was designed by the architect who built the house at Rocky Point where Rosamond was invited to stay the night by a fan who I can not find the name of. It was Paul who turned me onto Anton Wilson and his Net of Coincidence. My friend Bryan McLean was invited to the Tate home the night Manson showed up. Bryan was an artist who dated Christine in High School. Pynchon and Eastwood dance around the hell-fire that Manson’s Women fueled out in the desert wilderness. I watched the opening of  ‘The Dead Pool’ last night. Pynchon is in my FAMILY TREE, as is Mel Lyman who allegedly admired Charlie.

In the Monterey Superior Court are filed papers wherein I say our family history and creative legacy should not be sold to outsiders, who will exploit and ruin it, but instead should be preserved for talented and created members of my family for generations to come. I did a plein air painting of the sea at Malibu during a rain-shower! I was half-mad after Marilyn and I broke up. I was having a identity crisis. At seventeen, my life was over. I was dying of a broken heart.

“You see, Marilyn. I am alone. I have set my easel up before the Lone Cypress. Everyone I know, but you, are on the other side of that tree, hanging five with the Big Buck Boys! I will never realize any money from my art.”

When I read Tom Snyder’s biography I learned for the first time members of my family, and some of our friends, looted Christine’s house after the funeral. It was a ‘Home Invasion’. I asked my friend, Michael Harkins to go with me because this is par for the course. Michael was a Private Detective, and a good friend of Jim Morrison, and the Beat Poet, Michael McClure. Stone’s people wanted my good friends to contribute his movie. Pynchon’s hip detective, is pure fiction.

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters tunrned out, it did little good. For the funeral was not long over before family members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s closet – a veritable mother lode – took the worst beating. World-class spender that Chrsitne had been, much of the clothing had never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be exhanged for money. Jewelry disapeared, as well as other personal belongings. Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing their best to staunch the flow –the estate had not been inventories – but to little avail.”

“Carted away.” I love this term. I see a cart with wooden wheels being pilled down the cobbled road, it filled to the brim with booty, taken from the monastery by Viking Raiders, or, from the Palace Versailles by uncultured ragamuffins who are getting their revenge on the “World-class spender”. How about golf carts? Did one of Stone’s script-readers gaze upon the strangest paragraph in history, in wonderment, then, toss it on the Read Pile? I mean, to render this artist a immortal, her whole family had to be thrown into the vain bomb-fire. Why?

“Protection of your material from later use for improper, or sensational purposes.”

Around high noon, I read that Palmer and Eastwood (and others) are about $600 million dollars in debt,  and will die that way. They will never pay off the loan. This tree is in theory, in DEFAULT, and the investors, insolvent. But, you can’t do that to these good ol’ boys, do what was done to my beautiful sister just before she died. She was pushed to the brink of economic disaster. This tree……… my sister!

I don’t owe a soul a dime. The executor of Christine’s estate gave permission for the outsider who came to own everything, to author a biography, and make a movie order to increase waning sales of the Rosamond Women. It was suggested Eastwood make a movie from the book ‘The Kingdom of Golf’ in order to attract more visitors to Pebble Beach. Someone else made Clint’s movie.

A couple of years ago I made a video to promote the golf game I invented. It cost me nothing to make this video in Blue River Oregon surrounded by beautiful trees. The star of my golf movie, is Michael Dundon. Our nephew was out at Rocky Point. When Michael learned the couple downstairs from Rose Dundon had slipped Christine a Micky Fynn, and filmed her while they raped her, he came after them. He kicked down their and found the wife hiding in the closet, pointing a gun at him. He snatched it from here hand. This did not get Tom Snyder’s or Julie Lynch’s biography of Rosamond. The lie that was told to sell more of Rosamond’s art was eluded to in a gallery bio, is retold. Lynch claimed Christine hid in the closet in order to render works of art as a child, because, Rosemary only wanted me to be a world famous artist. This was lifted from ‘Mommy Dearest’ that had just come out. This is why Rosamond is titled a “closeted artist”.  I was four when I caught ‘The Sneaky One’ and ran and got my Mommy.

Michael bought my sister her first art supplies in 1972. Nothing bad ever happened to Eastwood, but the terrible deal he made when he came to own the Pebble Beach Golf Course. So, he takes it out on all the artists who render an image of his tree. Consider the movie ‘Paint Your Wagon’.

Christine Rosamond Benton’s first biographer quit the project after I pointed out to the Court appointed Executor, Sydney Morris, Faulkner’s interviews and notes belong to my two nieces. My surviving sister showed me the 276 autobiography Christine had begun, that has disappeared. Below is a legal letter Morris filed with the Probate in response to Shannon Rosamond Benton’s attempt to take charge of the Artistic Legacy her mother Willed to her and her half-sister, Drew Benton who was eight when her mother died.

“Over the intervening years, Respondent kept the estate open in hope that there would be a surge of interest in the descendant’s work. A biography of the decedant was written, and efforts continue to negotiate the movie rights to the inventory, pay creditors, and have something left for distribution to Petitioner and her sister. Because the Petitioner has a history of erratic behavior and instability Respondent felt that keeping the estate open as a vehicle for preserving and managing the estate assets in the hope their value would increase, was a prudent decision.” 

While Christine was being raped downstairs, three year old Shannon was upstairs with Rose. I came to Shannon’s defense as my family and the outsiders they blessed, knew I would. This is why I was not invited to the meeting held at Christine’s house in Pacific Grove the day after she drowned. These un-gifted parasites wanted to believe the waning interest in Rosamond’s women would “surge” after she was “killed” by a huge wave that is associated with a Tsunami. In a letter to Morris, I said he better produce several art critics to testify to Rosamond’s standing in the Art World. Rosamond was a Commercial Artist, and, her Commercialism should have died when she did, because,  she painted for the money – for herself!

Clint Eastwood does not give a rat’s ass about that Lone Cypress. In the article below the author suggests there were Big Egos involved. Was Clint incensed that a Jap had come to own a symbol of Right-wing America?

“When contemplating ownership of Pebble Beach, the intangibles of ego must blur the bottom line of return on investment.

How else can one explain the $820 million paid by actor/director Clint Eastwood, golfer Arnold Palmer, former Major League Baseball Commissioner and 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Chairman Peter Ueberroth and former United Air Lines CEO Richard Ferris and a slew of limited partners–including top execs of GE, stockbroker Charles Schwab and lender Bank of America?

Much like when Minoru Isutani”s Cosmo World Inc. bought Pebble Beach in September 1990 for $841 million, the new owners apparently haven”t thought about return on investment as much as they”ve inflated their egos.”

One has to wonder if the Rosamond Consortium of Bad – but sane – Business People, rather than admit they are such, concluded the only way to rejuvenate the waning sales of Rosamond’s Beautiful Women, was to kill the erratic artist. Sydney Morris seems to be applying the legal terms of this capitalist adventure. In our only conversation, on the phone, after I told him there is no real death scene, he asked if I read the book ‘Murder By Accident’ that is about a local man who took a huge policy out on his wife, and then took her to see the big sea, and the pounding waves.

“Are you sure that’s the last rogue wave of the day, Charles?”

I sent the ACLU a long and eloquent letter wherein I made the case that my dead sister was being used as a whore by those who purchased our family history. Indeed, all members of my family were being used – after Morris declared my niece too mentally ill to handle the legacy her mother left her. In their fake biography, Christine is rendered mentally ill. When my sixteen year old daughter I did not know I had, came into my life, she declared in writing – I was extremely mentally ill. Her stage-mother took her to a gallery opening in order to get her Star into the Rosamond bio. Because the outsiders still wanted my story, they told these strangers they had best tell me – I have a daughter! Her aunt demanded I get a blood test because a close relative raped her when she was a child – and I might be an imposter! Heather told me her aunt was a ‘Gold Digger’.

Christine, Shannon,  myself, and Drew Benton, are the family artists. Vicki Presco – a non-artist – tried to get Drew on SSI because she too is mentally ill, and broke! Vicki dropped out as No.1 named Executor in Rosamond’s Will.

If you”re a lone artist out there, you”d be taking a big risk,” Burns says. “There”s a deterrent effect.” And while a First Amendment group might be willing to take such a case on a pro-bono basis, she doesn”t hold out much hope of that happening. “It”s a very political battle,” she points out. “Firms may be unwilling to touch it because of that.”

The legal angle I might pursue, is, that all this Creative Business Insanity might be O.K. if it had worked, if at least one person got any money. After all, this has to be WHY Shannon’s legacy was rested from her in a probate court – to make money!

For sure the Pebble Beach Company investors will not be realizing any profits – for a coon’s age. And there it sit, just of the coast like an Angry Whirlpool, a Rogue Vortex, like the one that sucked in all members of my family. Ignoring the WARNING, here they come, one brave Business Gallahad after another, they convinced they are worthy to pull the sword from the stone.

“New sources of revenue could include corporate sponsorships at the Open next year, an increase of such partnerships as American Express, Cadillac (they provide the Pebble Beach limousines) and maybe a new tournament in addition to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.”

Is Mother Nature getting her revenge? Consider Helen of Troy, and the face that launched a thousand ships – Japanese ships coming to America to launder Crime Money? Below is an article that claims Minoru Isutani, the former owner of Pebble Beach, is a crime boss who is using country clubs to launder money. There was another Japanese firm, Lone Pine Company. There is a Vegas connection. In a letter to the Attorney General of California I suggest Rosamond prints were being used for a illegal tax right-off. My father was laundering drug money in Mexico, and had his last wife smuggled over the border in a Marijuana shipment. Looks like a job for Harry Hallahan, but, he is a fictional character. Can you see why they don’t want me to do a literary sketch of sister? I am all alone in my investigation. Is nothing……sacred?

Yesterday, two killers associated with ISIS died of expert head-shots when they showed up to slaughter a roomful of cartoonists who were being used by a rabid right-wing Zionist to further her anti-Islamic Crusade. Like goats tethered to a stake, she baited the tiger. Harry, is that you?



Below is a photograph of Marilyn Reed, taken at Malibu Beach by the famous fashion photographer, Steven Silverstein, six years after we broke up in 1963. I did a painting of this image. Christine took up art when she was twenty-four after seeing the painting I did of Rena Easton.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015



Christine 1980 Modeling in Carcross444marilyn14146

contract5 contract6 contract7

“Maybe Eastwood will film Golf in the Kingdom, based on Michael Murphy”s book, at Pebble Beach, thus increasing visitorship. Eastwood bought the book”s film rights a couple of years ago.”


He remains a legend in Las Vegas. Flying in from Tokyo on his private DC-9, often accompanied by dozens of his friends, Ken Mizuno would hit the baccarat pits at the glittery Mirage Hotel & Casino, at times dropping $100,000 on a single hand. Local officials estimate that over a three-year period, Mizuno lost as much as $60 million at the tables. The problem was, law-enforcement officials in the U.S. and Japan now believe, the cash wasn’t his to spend.

Mizuno himself was arrested in Tokyo last summer and has pleaded not guilty to fraud and tax evasion; his attorney did not return BUSINESS WEEK’s telephone calls. But officials on both sides of the Pacific are convinced that the property developer is one of dozens of money-laundering foot soldiers working for Japan’s powerful yakuza organized-crime networks. “There’s more money-laundering activity by them than drug trafficking” in the U.S., says Jim E. Moody, chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s erganized-crime and drug section. In all, other FBI officials estimate, upwards of $1 billion in illicit money was channeled to the U.S. as Japanese mobsters joined in the real estate boom of the 1980s.

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