The Royal Rouge Dragon – With Mask!


I just got off the phone with Briar Cliff College. I informed them I want to leave them Royal Rosamond’s books, and the Wieneke Family history.

I posted this in April of 2018. This is one of the most profound coincidences in Western Literature.

When I first saw the image of my New Muse, Jennifer Hemphill, I was reminded of the floating head of Arthur Frane and the beginning of the movie ZARDOZ. At the end of our first day of discussing our genealogies – AND RENA EASTON – Jenny is suggesting I am a liar who has invented how I met Rena, and how I found her again. Rena inspired me to author ‘The Royal Janitor. Jen is now Consuela bent on my destruction. I told her she was right out of my Bond novel. When I saw the pic of her firing a modern Gatelin gun, I wondered if she was CIA. She said she did work for the FBI. Was she working me Sub-Rosa? When she refused to give me the name of her parents and aunts who are allegedly related to Mary Magdalene Rosamond-Wieneke, I wondered if the was a Pretender, a Usurper, a Fraud.

The only way to resolve this, was to marry Jenny.

Then, she would have it all, by being moved up in our ROSE LINE. I called her bluff. Jen is now my Sleeping Beauty. She is Belle, and I am the beast. For sure she has been spying on me and my genealogy – for years! Why did she not make contact before? Did I feel her crawling around in my DNA – and thus she is born in my Bond book I began in April of 2018. Did Mary know her husband’s family history. I am sure Royal did not know – half of it. Only when his grandson (he never met) did a DNA test two years ago, was The Truth revealed. Only when Jennifer alas revealed herself, is The Truth known. I asked her if she took a DNA test. She said she bought one, but, has not conducted it. If she did,…..would tell me the truth!

I asked Jen why she was wearing a mask – that is painted on – as are her rouge sunglasses. ‘The Girl With The Rouge Sunglasses’. Over a year ago I looked to replace Lara Roozemond ‘The Actress’ as Victoria Bond. On tis day I render my ex-muse as ‘The General Vilnian’ of my Bond book. Her name is…

Valentina La Croix

They met at Le Rosey. Jen was infatuated at her Supreme Snootiness, the way she looked down on their classmates. Jen became her understudy.  Valentina has kin who were members of the Swan Brethren.

Belle Jennifer


John Presco


Belle Jennifer

was as happy as can be

She loved her parents

more than thee and me.

They were the

perfect family

just the three

There was no need

for others

not even

lil babies


Then one day

Belle Jennifer passed

the ruined castle on the hill

Just inside the iron bars

was a red rose

she had to pluck

to be even more per-feect

Just as she touched the rose

it wilted and dropped its petals


A hairy hand grabbed her wrist

and demanded to know

that name of her father.

“You do not need to know!

What is in a name –

you beast!

I will never tell!

You are not fit

to know anything

about me!”


When Belle Jen got home

her mother was in tears.

“Why are you crying

my perfect mother?”

A white horse came here

but a while ago.

And it spoke to your father:

“Your daughter is

a thief and a fraud

Mount me

or you will never

see her again!


“God loves a story!”

John Presco

Copyright 2020

The Royal Janitor


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Jean-Baptiste Rougemont rarely worked late, and never at this hour. As the father clock rang midnight in the hall outside his office at the College of Arms, Jean raised his bushy white eyebrows when he saw, and now heard the ornate brass doorknob being turned.

Holding his breath, he saw the profile of the most beautiful young woman he had ever beheld in this stuffy old place, and, he could just make out the words she was muttering.

“All winter long……”

Looking up she let out a yelp, like a young fox caught in a trap in the winter snow. Jean gasped when he saw how pale and blue her eyes were, that tried to dart back into the hall after beholding this old wizard of a man, whose eyes were just as pale, just as blue that they startled the college janitor, who came to dust the book cases, and run a wax over the oaken library table.

“Wait! Come here!” Jean commanded, which he did not mean to do, but, he wanted to make sure she obeyed, because, she might be a mirage, or something of this nature, and once the door is shut, the twine is severed, and she is gone forever.

What is your name? Open your eyes!”

“I have no name. I don’t want you to see my eyes!” the creature replied.

“Why won’t your tell me? Please. Look at me. I won’t hurt you!”

“I was raised by wolves, with pale blue eyes. They taught me to keep my eyes lowered in the presence of the alpha wolf. And you are the alpha wolf of this place. Are you not?”

“I suspose so. I am the head of the College of Arms. My name is……”

“I know your name. I dust your desk six day a week. I know your grandchild is going to La Rosey, and, he is all you have in the world.”

“Please. Just your name, and I will leave your to your work. I was just about to leave!”

The wolfen child came to stand next to Jean, and held out her arm. On her forearm was a crest containing a red dragon. Jean’s mouth fell open, and before he could speak, she opened her eyes, and her angelic mouth;

“I am the Rouge Dragon!”

“Oh my God! Lift back your hair. I want to see your ears!” Jean commanded once more, he struggling to catch his breath.

“Do you want to see if I have wolf ears?” she asked with a musical quality in her voice. She was being whimsical.

“No! I would……….!” Jean stammered.

“I know who you think I am, but I am not he. My name is Victoria, Theresa, Bond, the granddaughter of Teresa Bond, the wife of James………….Bond. And, now you know!”

“But, how can this be?”

“God loves a story my mother used to say, and………

“If anyone asks, you were raised by wolves!”

“Oh my! You are not supposed to exist. Why are your revealing yourself?

“I want to go to La Rosey. I want to be an artist. I want to be – refined, like my grandmother. She went to La Rosey. She drove a sports car, a Jaguar. I want to own a Jaguar. My dusting days have come to an end.

I have never read a Ian Flemming novel. My God……It’s all here! I have been led down the path of the Rouge Dragon for twenty years. I just posted on the coat of arms of the Quinotar and the city of the Franks.  I watched parts of this Bond movie, and it is a stinker. How do you do a movie on coats of arms – back in 1969? After Dan Brown, it’s a piece of cake!

Bond sees the love of his life trying to drown herself in the sea! What? What! She has a child, but it dies. This child was sired by another man, but, I changed the plot! I resurrected the Bond bloodline!


The name Hilary Bray was that of an old-Etonian with whom Fleming worked at the stock broking firm Rowe & Pitman,[16] whilst Sable Basilisk was based on “Rouge Dragon” in the College of Arms. Rouge Dragon was the title of heraldic researcher Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees who asked Fleming not to use the title in the book; in a play on words, Fleming used Mirrlees’s address, a flat in Basil Street, and combined it with a dragon-like creature, a basilisk, to come up with the name.[17] Mirrlees had Spanish antecedents, generally born without earlobes and Fleming used this physical attribute for Blofeld.[16] Mirrlees also discovered that the line of the Bonds of Peckham bears the family


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