I Tried To Replace Lara

Getting no response from Lara – that was positive – I went looking for a new Model-Muse. I tried to replace Lara, and failed. I ran my ideas on a Bond fan club, and was banned. I wondered if this was another attempt to rip me off. I posted several chapters on Miriam Starfish, a Russian Killer-Psychopath inspired by Hannah, that is going to be a new series. I saw ‘Killing Eve’ for the first time ten days ago. I had to wonder. Turns out this series was written over two years ago. Writing is the most trickiest thing in the world. I have proven it is dangerous to your health. Five years ago I promised Bell and Alley they would be the subject of a book. Sometimes I wonder if Belle – is the real psycho!

I got my Bond Novel – sewn up – because I am kin to Ian Fleming through Liz Taylor who was married to Richard Burton, who Fleming wanted to play Bond in the first movie.

I am going to add to the dialogue (below) of Victoria and Miriam’s first meeting.


“I heard you want to kill your father?” Miriam put to her new boss, a real zinger, then watched for her eyes to turn hot.

“I don’t think you have it in you!” Miriam added, then watched Victoria’s jaw muscles tighten as she tried to hide the fact she was gritting her teeth.

“Nope! You’re not a killer! That’s for sure!” Miriam delivered that line with a smirk.

“How do you know that? Victoria said defensively, and realized she was out of spittle and air. She suppressed her gulp.

“Because, if I was in your shoes, you would be dead right now!”

Victoria was afraid to make eye contact. She felt Miriam’s gaze fall on her paperweight that had her coat of arms, with her logo, on it.

“I bond with those who are about to die! Hey. I like this. Can I have it. I think this fits me, more than you.”

“Did you just call me a “bitch”? Lara said in a fit of controlled energy, and, was half out of her chair.

“Sit down – BITCH! You’re hallucinating! Don’t sweat it. With me around, you don’t have to kill anybody. Isn’t this why I got hired? I was just testing. Now I know you don’t have my back.”


I love Yulia Rose’s casting call. There is something sinister about it. Why does she want to be around palm trees on a beach. Am I reading her mind, or, is she saying…..

“Key Largo”?

I think Ms. Rose is a born actress. She speaks of the ambitions of her mother. Below is Julia as a child, who hates cities. She looks like she was born under a giant Siberian toadstool. Does she bite?

John Presco

Copyright 2019


As I’ve written before for this very site, I do not care about James Bond or the exhausting speculation as to whether he will someday not be a white man. However it’s come to my attention that someone I actually do care about, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has been hired to make James Bond interesting.

The Guardian reports that Daniel Craig reportedly requested Phoebe Waller-Bridge to help punch up the script for his new James Bond movie. Craig and Rachel Weisz are reportedly fans of Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag and Killing Eve, to which I say: Get in line!

Waller-Bridge will reportedly add more humor to the new Bond film, known as Bond 25, which sounds like a great idea. This hiring also makes her only the second woman writer to work on the Bond franchise, the first being Johanna Harwood, who worked on Dr. No and From Russia With Love in the 1960s.

The question now is: can Waller-Bridge come over and punch up my life? Just, add a few notes here and there, or some cutting little quips I can yell to my loved ones?

Miriam’s Wardrobe

WE can not afford to humor these divides being made in our society by the Christian-right, who claim they do not get any respect – and they have Jesus on their side? Waaah!

Victoria Bond is assigned a bodyguard who is an Amazon for Jesus. Miriam Starfish Christling claims she descends from Lord Greystoke,  Gypsy Boots, and Miss Natural. She is a Kabalist and a Master Symbolist. She is stalked by SISS-POOL who fear her mind. She is seen about the streets of London selling Bee’s Breath Honey Balm. She gives all proceeds away to hungry children of all races and creeds.


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