We Are The Post Office

The Evangelical President is going to shut down the Post Office in order to stop mail-in ballots.


Rosamond Press


I found this on my friend Roger’s facebook.


I took time from writing THE MOST RADICAL NEWSPAPER in the history of the Emerald Valley, and attended the second Eugene OCCUPY meeting. I could read their minds.

“Oh look. This dude is doing Ken Kesey. Is he a wanna-be Prankster? Let’s run him by Ken Babbs the ‘New King of Clowns’ ‘


Reinvent OCCUPY and go after the world oil supply that is very vulnerable. Demand JUSTICE for my peer, reporter, Khashoggi. Go to the Saudi embassy and demand to talk to THE PRINCESS OF ARAB CULTURE! Demand Saudi Arabia pressure Turkey to lay off the Kurds! Demand a homeland for the Kurds or we will make sure the price of a drum of oil goes down to ZERO! Put your murderers on trial – NOW!

John ‘The…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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