Kim Haffner Reeled Them In

My daughter and he mother did not want the truth, nor my neighbors. Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie did not care about the death of my sister, and crushed my investigation with their abusive threats.

Rosamond Press

Stalking A Author

Everyone that knows me knows I am really into genealogies. So are ninety million other people. However, very few people have experienced the living hell I am still experiencing from Kim Haffner, and our neighbors she turned against me – in order to destroy me!

A couple of weeks ago, my new neighbor told me she was not taking sides in the feud Kim and I are having. She moved in six months ago and right away she remained distant, even avoided me. I figured Haffner had done her evil gossip nummber on her. How unfair and diabolical. This mother has enough problems then to be dragged into the snake pit Haffner has created, she drawing in five other neighbors. This woman has been deprived of her peace of mind and the enjoyment of her new home. She has children to raise. She has never heard my…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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