Smoky’s Black Velvet Art Show

Two days ago a relative I never met made contact with me while I was making a video. She told me we are related and she said she was a Private Investigator who had worked for the FBI. She showed me a genealogy that links her to my grandfather, Royal Rosamond. My mother, Rosemary, used to make an annual trip to Ojai to visit one of the people in this Detective’s tree. I suggest in this post I am a Psychic Detective who was using Smoky as a spirit guide. Smokey is a Latino. I debated about changing her race to a blonde. I decided to keep her but have her emulate a white woman. I recalled that Kim Novack lived in Carmel. I googled her – and was shocked to learn she was an artist. This relative looks like Kim in the photo above! The ghost of Rosamond does a walk-on in this post. The woman that owns Christine’s home, said one bedroom is very chilly, and defies attempts to warm it up. I will be contacting Zak Bagans to see if her wants to do a show on ‘The Rose of The World’.

Rosamond Press

I just sent this e-mail to Rosa Cazares:

“I sent you a rough draft of the book and series I have in mind. I was married to Thomas Pynchon’s lover who was an artist. I own a newspaper for the arts. I would like a statement from you how La Mota will be funding The Arts and Bohemian literature.”

John Presco

Yesterday I posted an article about the selling of Rosemary’s home. I did not read the whole thing until later that night while watching Cops on Pluto T.V. I gasped! This is a powerful Psychic Hit.

“The sale has not yet been finalized, but Zak Bagans, the star of the reality show Ghost Adventures, told the Guardian he had long been looking for a home in the neighborhood and was buying the property. “There was a very, very strong energy in the house,” said Bagans, who visits “haunted” destinations…

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