Born Under Falling Stars

Because I died and saw God, everyone shuns and unborn me so I will be that soul who stood before God and saw the Kingdom of The Truth. I am utterly rejected so the invisible kingdom will be manifest. I can not own any pretentions.

Rosamond Press

I was born under a sign in the heavens. When I died, I saw God, raised my hand, and spoke these words…….

“I am!”

I was destined for the church. This message did not get to me due to my abusive parents. It came directly from God – twice! The First Messenger was my DNA! My ancestors spoke to me in foreign tongues at the moment of my death. I was their Last Hope. God hears their prayers, and restored my life.

After taking a DNA test for Ancestry.Com I found a Priestly Linage that descends from the Rosenberg and Schwarzenberg family to William and John Wilson. We find Lord Zinzendorf in our family tree – that came to America and founded Churches! William Wilson is a marvel of the Church of England, that time forgot.  I am going to find time to do a portrait of John Wilson and…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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