Rosamond, Pharamond, and The Comet Kings

There is a COMET one can see on the horizon at eve. They are here – The Comet Kings. Comet means long hair. Comb comes from this star. The mermaid combs her hair at the edge of the vast sea. She holds a mirror that may signify a parallel universe.

Rosamond Press





Who are the Magi, and why have they come to behold a infant born under a star? When one sees the Pharisees as being allied to Jesus – they putting him to a favorable test – then one must wonder if Jesus is a Parthian. If you replace the Pharisees with the Magi, who are presenting a Savior, the meaning of the name Jesus, then one sees the Magi were the earliest Christians whom Saul-Paul persecuted, he claiming he had papers to pursue these early followers into Damascus. How did Paul recognize them? Well, they had very large noses, and they may have been Scythians.

Jon Presco

I have chosen to post my amazing findings, even conclusions, as to the true identity of Jesus, in the circle of The Brotherhood, who set me on a Spiritual Path. I credit my…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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