Am I Too Insane To Deserve Help?

Here is a photo of the H-Team who believe they deserve some form of anonymity. Why? Are they an endangered tribe? Belle Burch believed she was protected by the SLEEPS SHIELD OF INVISIBILITY and may be why she demanded I take down all that I have written about her, including the video WE took of each other in Ken Kesey Square. I refused. I told her I am the president of a newspaper and must consider my peers and Freedom of the Press. This photo appeared in the OCCUPY Eugene newspaper. Members of SLEEPS and two of their attorneys – gleefully posed for this pic. I wondered if THEIR RULES said only they can be THE REAL PRESS. Are we looking at the birth of Tribal News? You must be a full member to get ALL the news.

On the far right is Belle’s future lover, Ambrose Holtham-Keathly. His father is Annan, a registered nurse for OCCUPY Medical. He knew about Alley Valkyries threat because he responded to an e-mail from me, that said Belle acted on her own. What a coward. At no time did he offer me some mental help. Cahoots was waiting in the wings. Kim Hafner is rated as a nurse. I am going to try to get their licenses taken away, and, get Valkyrie thrown out of France. Two of our cat friends have disappeared – as promised. People who abuse the mentally ill and animals – are very sick and dangerous.

So, what made me so sick and dangerous in the eyes of the people above. After Alley Valkyrie threatened me, and my newspaper, I wondered what their core motive was. Let’s count noses. How many people in the group grope are there? There are twelve. Belle and her GANG had ten days to look at my blog before THEY rang me up. No way would Belle contact me without the approval of Ambrose – at least! Was Emily Semple in the need-to-know loop? She will later sit on the Eugene City Council. Was there a plan to run a candidate? If so, you do not want bad, or opposing PRESS. I believe these people had a hard time believing I was able to do so much to help the homeless – all by myself! This was the threat, because…………THEY were begging to be funded!

Here is my e-mail to Mayor Kitty Piercy where I inform her I am mentally ill and get SSI which was about $700 dollars back then. I had been given monies in a Trust that became a Special Needs Trust. Much of that went towards helping people. Vickie Nelson and her husband are in this pick. They helped found Nightingale Services. Alley, John Monroe, and Semple, were on the board. I have asked Vickie to give me an accounting. She refused. Only her Community Tribe Members get to know.

SLEEPS was trying to couple themselves with the Christian religion which is very topical right now because the Attorney General said there is a conspiracy to get rid of his religion in America. Is he a member of the secret Opus Dai? When I met with Belle, I made a post of my work with Hollis Williams so I could show her. She did not react. I was surprised – and puzzled! Why no reaction? I told her this was part of my spiritual work. I do not recall if I showed her my post on the New Radio Church that I told Kim Haffner about. When I told her I was a prophet in regards to Armstrong supporting Radio Free London, she launched her first attack.

“You’re no prophet! Your deluded and insane!”

She too was playing her cards close to her vest so she could get more information about me and my family. Belle offered to edit my autobiography about my late sister and I – for a fee! I had asked her to be my co-author. She will be at the core of my first book….Capturing Belle.

My Rosamond ancestors were Patriots in South Carolina and fought under the Gadson flag. I am fighting a religious cult. I am the only person amongst the twelve who can destroy William Barr’s religious pretensions. I am steeped in Biblical Knowledge. I am the thirteenth man. This is why they fear and hate me, and have done everything to destroy me, because, Jesus invented caring for the sick, the lame, the homeless, and those who were cast out of the Synagogue. To suggest I am Christ-like is the secret reason they have to believe I AM INSANE, because, they are just playing around with Jesus. They USED JESUS to hide behind, and it was just a matter of time that I discovered this – and reported the truth!

Alley Valkyrie and Kim Haffner were hell-bent on denying me Community Support. She found out our neighbors are evangelicals, like her. The Haffner Tribe tried to get our new neighbor into their Communal Cult. The reason no alternative help group came to my aid, and helped me with my mental problems, was because I was a loner, who kept to myself, and, did not play by the rules of the Benevolent Helpers. This is why Alley did not want me continuing my good work! I just looked at their facebook. They have no answer for the homeless, Covid-19, and Trump – who they helped put in office. Real People and Voters did not buy any of their bullshit! Where’s Jesus when you need him. Put up, or shut up!

John ‘The Nazarite’

“Prominent liberal Catholics have warned the US attorney general’s devout Catholic faith poses a threat to the separation of church and state, after William Barr delivered a fiery speech on religious freedom in which he warned that “militant secularists” were behind a “campaign to destroy the traditional moral order”

Dear Kitty Piercy

My dear friend Hollis passed away on March 8th. He was a homeless Veteran for many years and had been placed in an apartment two months ago by HUD-VASH. He also received funds from The Vet-Vincent De Paul program. Because Hollis has no next of kin, I adopted him through the Elks Society, and am paying for his cremation with monies from a Special Needs Trust. I am on SSI. Mr. Williams is now my son. I did not want him to be treated like a unfamilied pauper – after he is dead!

The people at HUD-VASH have been very helpful, however, they have no funding in order to make sure Veterans like Hollis – have not served in vain! For this reason, I have established the Hollis Williams Memorial Fund at Selco Community Credit Union. At Hollis’ memorial, I will present the idea that if we collect $1,005 dollars, then Hollis himself can pay for the burial cost of the next Homeless Vet who dies unfamilied. This is the passing of a baton amongst a Band of Brothers. Here is a hand from heaven lifting up the next Homeless Veteran who passes on.

I am not a Veteran. I was drafted in 1966, but because of grave emotional problems I was classified 4F.

I have always respected those who served, and have considered them my brothers.

The memorial will be at the Campbells Senior Center 155 High St. at 1:30 Sunday the 17th.


John Presco

717 Oakdale #216
Springfield, Or. 97477

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    The attack by the Alley-like mob will be used to get Trump reelected. Freedom of speach, religion, and the press are protected by our Constitution. Kim Haffner and her neighbor allies refused to identify themselves.

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