The Shunning OCCUPY Church

I think I was just SHUNNED by a neighbor I never met. I took a walk around the block and this couple were getting out of a car. I was right on top of them. I said Hello. They said nothing. I said Hello and they said Hello back – reluctantly. When I was friends with Kim Haffner she said the main reason she was grossly over weight was because her mother the Christine Zealot practiced SHUNNING on her. Kim got out Christian neighbors to SHUN me. When I walked out my door, and they were holding a SHUNNING meeting, Kim said;

“Go back in your home, John. No one wants a word you have to say!”

SHUNNING was destroying the church from the beginning. Not able to defend doctrine, or explain why Jesus had not returned – as promised – the best way to defend YOUR FAITH was to identity the half-believers, those who lack TRUE ZEAL. To show THE FAITHFUL you owned true zeal, you went along with the judgements made against – THE EXPOSED! My ninth grandfather took part in this and is famous for ferreting out blasphemers. John Wilson is represented in the novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

AS I type, the President of the United State is building  high wall around the White House in order to prove he and his evangelical voters must PROTECT THE FAITH. POTUS and the Attorney General have splashed with HOLY WATER the GOOD GOD SQUAD who own religious rights, of sorts, because Barr announced all Christians are under attack by secular demons – who resemble members of SLEEPS. There was a police force at OCCUPY. A belligerent drink was killed. I met a suspect who came on strong to me. I felt the Bohemian Culture of Eugene was being threatened by JOINERS, people who like to join – stuff! They too believe COMMUNITY owns a special power that has done much for Eugene. Of course THE A-TEAM has wanted credit for a long time. This why we see so many OUT OF STATERS in SLEEPS. Alas, they are on the inside, the ones doing……THE SHUNNING! This is why there are no leaders of OCCUPY – which is a lie – because REAL NATIVES will look at THE LIST and ask…

“Who are these fuckers!”

I was perceived as the Hippie Guard at the Gate. I had been on THE BUS.

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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