Ram Dass’s Big LSD Lie

God is making a personal appearance. I am a prophet.

Rosamond Press

I always doubted Richard Alpert’s story about giving his guru a massive hit of LSD and it had no affect on him. I asked why the Maharajii would want to miss the amazing affects of coming on to LSD, where one loses all control. As I type, the Evangelicals have lost all control – but they don’t know it yet? Or, do they? For sure they know their President is out of control. Yesterday Trump did a sermon on Windmills. This is his ‘Sermon on the Mount’ that was adlibbed. But, he had practice. It was Don Quixote.

In the last two weeks I almost announced I was God. I do not aspire to be God. I had observed a truth no one considered. When Putin defended Trump from the alleged Witchhunters, he employed the sworn, written testimony of elected Congressman, who asked that their five minute speaches be put…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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