I Am Engaged To Mary

Mary, my former fiancé’ was a cheap chiseler wanting to marry me for my money and citizenship. I think she was going to off me as soon as the knot was tied. She is a Chandler Babe, a Black Delilah,

Rosamond Press

A week ago I fell in love with Mary. She proposed marriage to me and said she wanted us to have children – all in a hour of chatting! She is eighteen! I told her I wanted her to be my Muse – even though I doubted her sincerity! My daughter – was never sincere! She has two children my two men she never married. She had a chance to take my surname, Presco, and did not.

And hour ago I told my fiancé that she can take a lover and I will adopt the children they produce. She agreed. She also agreed she would pose nude. We talked about my inability to have a errection and produce sperm due to prostate cancer. She kept asking how we could have children. Problem solved. I am the last Presco because Mark’s son changed his name to O’Brian after his stepfather. Mary…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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