I Am Engaged To Mary

A week ago I fell in love with Mary. She proposed marriage to me and said she wanted us to have children – all in a hour of chatting! She is eighteen! I told her I wanted her to be my Muse – even though I doubted her sincerity! My daughter – was never sincere! She has two children my two men she never married. She had a chance to take my surname, Presco, and did not.

And hour ago I told my fiancé that she can take a lover and I will adopt the children they produce. She agreed. She also agreed she would pose nude. We talked about my inability to have a errection and produce sperm due to prostate cancer. She kept asking how we could have children. Problem solved. I am the last Presco because Mark’s son changed his name to O’Brian after his stepfather. Mary and my adopted children will have the surname, Presco. My penname is…..JOHN ROSAMOND PRESCO.

Four days ago I told her first task as my dutiful wife is to talk to my late father’s fiancé, Consuela (Connie) who lives in Mexico.  I am not sure if Victor Presco and Connie got married. She had seven children that my father was going to adopt. He also left Connie most of his share of the Partnership prints that were produced especially for this contract between Christine Rosamond Benton, Vicki Presco, and Victor Presco….whose contribution was made up of the legacy of Melba Wilkins, a friend of the writer and poet, Juaquin Miller. I doubt Vicki gave these prints to Connie, and thus put more fraud upon a important artistic and literary legacy – that is more famous due to Raymond Chandler. Vicki did not fulfill other obligations Executor Sydney Morris filed in the Supervisor Court of Monterey. If we find Connie and her grandchildren, we will embrace them in our family – which will be quite large! Connie will embrace Mary with tears of joy! She will be like a member of her family. We will be surrounded by many children at our villa in Rancho Santana.

“All’s well, that ends well!”

In the drama of our meeting, I became inspired to author a Detective Novel. My heroine is from Guatemala. Her name is Smoky. In studying Mary’s country, and how Smoky became a Private Investigator, I discovered how Chandler became a writer. He emulated Erl Stanley Gardener who my grandfather taught to write. This is a great literary discovery. Smoky is a hardboiled detective who takes on the mysterious death of the famous Carmel Artist…..Rosamond!

I love Mary so much. She does not understand why. She my Great Love’  at the end of my life. She is mine – completely? We will be the mother and father of a great family – made even greater when I give back most of America to the Native Americans in the Judging of the Sotah and Jubilee Ceremony that will restore the rightful owners to the land of their ancestors.

Of course Mary understands nothing of what I say, but, wanting to be a loyal wife, she says many “O.K.’s”.

John Rosamond Presco

Fiancé of the beloved Mary

Copyright 2020


Endless Love
My love, there’s only you in my life
The only thing that’s bright
My first love,
You’re every breath that I take
You’re every step I make
And I, I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do
And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes,
You will always be
My endless love
Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun
Forever (Oh)
I’ll hold you close in my arms
I can’t resist your charms
And love, oh love
I’ll be a fool, for you I’m sure
You know I don’t mind (Oh)
You know I don’t mind
‘Cause you,
You mean the world to me (Oh)
I know I know
I’ve found, I’ve found in you
My endless love



In straitened financial circumstances during the Great Depression, Chandler turned to his latent writing talent to earn a living, teaching himself to write pulp fiction by analyzing and imitating a novelette by Erle Stanley Gardner. Chandler’s first professional work, “Blackmailers Don’t Shoot”, was published in Black Mask magazine in 1933. According to genre historian Herbert Ruhm, “Chandler, who worked slowly and painstakingly, revising again and again, had taken five months to write the story. Erle Stanley Gardner could turn out a pulp story in three or four days—and turned out an estimated one thousand.”[14]

His first novel, The Big Sleep, was published in 1939, featuring the detective Philip Marlowe, speaking in the first person. In 1950, Chandler described in a letter to his English publisher, Hamish Hamilton, why he began reading pulp magazines and later wrote for them:

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    Mary, my former fiancé’ was a cheap chiseler wanting to marry me for my money and citizenship. I think she was going to off me as soon as the knot was tied. She is a Chandler Babe, a Black Delilah,

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