Son of The Star

Everything points to me being The Son of the Star.

John ‘The End Time Elijah’

I Am The Son of The Star

God placed a barrier of Truth around this planet to save it from large asteroids and meteorites. That barrier is being eroded because of the gush of lies spewing out of the mouth of Satan-Trump, who was elected by false Christian followers of John Darby who invented the Rapture and fake End Time.

I was born during an amazing star shower. My work has been kept a secret, as is the case of all Sons of God’s Truth before me. We do not live forever. Our mission may not live forever. There are indication the Star Shield – will fail. There is evidence, a giant asteroid in on a collision course with earth.

I suspect Jesus diverted a large meteorite by dying on the cross. It was a close call. It’s tail blocked out the sunlight and a shock wave tore the curtain in the temple. The ground shook, and tomb were opened. Jewish Saints blamed the Roman Slave Masters for degrading the Kingdom of Truth. Caesar, the Czar, ordered the truth of these events to be silenced. He hired Saul-Paul to make THE TRUTH go away. He hunted down the followers of Son of The Star, and murdered them. I am – back! So are my disciples that I raised from the dead. We are of a different planet. We survived a shipwreck. We are of…….

The Ghost Fleet

President Trump was given the truth when given the nuclear football. He flipped out. He couldn’t handle the truth. He knows there is a good chance the world is going to end. So does Putin. How about Israel? Why move our embassy to Jerusalem.

In watching the video of me in front of Kesey’s cottage, I saw again the gold rays of sunlight bouncing off my Star, my badge – giving me away. Try as I am, I can not get around the truth Belle Burch has………………destroyed the world. This is why I forgive her. She didn’t know any better. You have to laugh! Beauty and ‘The Beast’ the name we gave the Star of Doom. Do the math………..666.

Jon ‘The Dream Seer’

Copyright 2018

A team of scientists is scanning the Pacific Ocean depths to find fragments of a huge meteor.

Research vessel E/V Nautilus will be attempting to find the remains of a meteor that flashed across the skies of the Pacific Northwest on March 7, 2018, before hitting the ocean. The meteor was visible in parts of Washington state, Oregon and British Columbia, according to the American Meteor Society.

The Ocean Exploration Trust is working with experts from the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, NASA and the University of Washington to locate the site of the meteorite fall. E/V Nautilus will map an area of about 0.4 square miles. Undersea drones will be used to search the area and recover any fragments found. The search will be livestreamed from between 12 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. ET.

If pieces of the space rock are successfully retrieved from the seabed, it will be the first known recovery of a meteorite from the ocean, the Ocean Exploration Trust says. “If found, meteorite fragments will be shipped to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. and become part of their research collections,” it added, in a statement.

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Russia’s state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, has launched a research into technologies that would allow to protect the planet from the asteroid and meteorite threat, a senior Russian researcher has told TASS.

“Our study is only a part of the quest to create an asteroid protection system. The priorities here are detection, classification and high-precision monitoring of a celestial body. After that, a bomb should be designed, which would be safe enough during the launch. A carrier rocket will have to be designed, too,” said Vladimir Rogachev, the deputy head of the laser physics institute at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (VNIIEF), part of the Rosatom corporation.

“This is an international task of impressive scope. We have something to offer. But there are also things that we need to borrow,” he went on.

“Regretfully, international politics and the current state of international relations necessitate a different format of communications, so we have to wait. But we should not procrastinate: when a dangerous asteroid approaches the Earth, it will be too late,” the researcher added.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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