Why Is Krista Discussing My Section 8?

Belle Burch about to be arrested. Alley Valkyrie speaking to Mayor and City Council about human feces in downtown Eugene.

In listening to the Witch Hunt video, again, I noticed that Krista shows a keen interest in me being on Food Stamps and Section 8. She calls me a “psycho parasite”.  I never discussed these facts with her, because I never had a conversation with her, and her significant other, who said;

“You need to be locked up!”

Kim Haffner has to be the source of the knowledge I am on Food Stamps and Section 8. Kim told me Krista works for a Social Service. I just talked to my Section 8 worker and asked for an investigation into Kim and Krista, who may have accessed my PRIVATE FILES, or, made a report about me hoping I get kicked off HUD, and have to move. Kim told me she went after a woman in the last place she lived, and got her kicked off some aide, and made a report to Child Services. Kim worked at the Johnson Unit, but, she was not a NA. If she thought I was severely mentally ill, why didn’t she seek real professional help for me. What harm was I doing to her, or my neighbors. Was I a threat to myself?

I made a call to the FBI at 4:47 P.M. on 4-12-19. Either Kim, or, Krista said Ally Valkyrie warned them about me. Five years ago, I talked to an FBI agent about the threats Alley Valkyrie made against me. She even used the words “my threat”. What a stupid person. Her attorney refused to respond to my facebook mention of this, knowing her client threw any case she had against me – down the toilet. It is a LIE Alley warned Kim&Krista about me! I told Kim Hafner about these threats – when we were friends!

This constitutes a transfer of a threat, because I told Mrs. Haffner, who worked at the Johnson Unit for many years, that I was afraid to go to City Hall meetings. Haffner truly enjoys invoking fear in me, and having her friend Krista, denigrate my newspaper, and attack my credibility.  Alley’s boyfriend, joins in on the demonization of me and my family, who are in two books. Because Krista and Kim inserted themselves into my writing about my family, they are fair game. The management of our units, can not get involved, unless there is real evidence of harassment – on my part! Destroying,me, my newspaper, and its contents, goes against my Civil and Constitutional Rights.

Belle and Alley got arrested with members of SLEEPS while trespassing in the City Hall. They were on the news all the time, thus my newspaper gets to cover them. John Monroe compares me to the Duck Basketball Rapists. Perhaps Kimbo and Krista, our Community Penis Patrol, will call up the FBI and say it was me who raped those women?

John and Alley were member of OCCUPY Eugene, as was I. They broke from O and formed SLEEPS, I asked if they were a non-profit group and paid taxes on the money they got. They were competing for a $400,000 dollar windfall at the time, and wanted no bad publicity. This could be Conspiracy to Defraud. Is Krista a member of OCCUPY?

I never met Alley or John. Belle took my number at Ken Kesey Square and called for a get to know each other meeting. When I discovered she withheld the core of who she is, and when I saw a photo of her with my ex-neighbor, who 6o Minutes wanted to interview, because – he and his lover were the King and Queen of the Eugene Anarchists – I wondered aloud what THEY were up to, because THEY knew about our meeting. This is an egregious invasion of my privacy, engineered by a woman who earned a living helping mentally ill people at the Johnson Unit. I will be contacting Mental Health Overseers – next!

As for me abusing Cheryl Walton, she came up to me and whispered “Krista is crazy. Just go inside!”  You can see she has a crush on me! She once told me;

“You have a regal look!”

When I announced to Alley I was taking my regal ass downtown to attend a City Hall Meeting, she sent back this warning on her facebook – for her friends to read;

Alley Valkyrie; ” I will also say that going downtown would be a mistake, as EPD is quite aware of who and what you are, and they have nine uniformed officers downtown. But then again, you said you were going to City Council and you didn’t have the balls to do that, and…See More

Alley Valkyrie: And if you do go downtown, you will have to deal with me personally, by the way.”

I understood what Psycho Alley was doing. Many of her friends are homeless psycho parasites – that do harass and harm others not like them. Their savior was giving them permission to hurt me, suggesting EPD won’t mind, because you would be doing them a favor, and, protecting The Fearless Leader. Here are some of Psycho Alley’s psycho friend, who call themselves Wiccans, who can, and have – cast evil spells on their enemies! Alley painted a target on my back – just like Psycho Kimbo did! Check out her witchy laugh!


I called EPD, and they told me they had no record of me, and, didn’t know who I was. Alley – LIED! She broke a Commandment in her sick need to back up her other lies about me. In their video, Alley and John talk about how happy they are that  Cahoots and Whitebird were on their side. Alley could have tried to be nice, and told me Cahoots wanted to talk to me about my regal state of mind – in front of City Hall. Not very professional of them. Do you want these people taking care of the homeless, many of them, who  are mentally ill. I was homeless, once upon a time.

Take note how loud Krista is shouting, for all my neighbors to hear, that I get Section8 and Food Stamps. Does this person get a wage helping disabled people – who do not like to be shamed, as do most Food Stamp recipients?

When I told Kim Haffner about my Special Needs Trust, she told me this is what Krista needs, because the just got an inheritance.  If anyone knows Krista’s last name, let me know! I want to pass it on to responsible personal at several agencies. Congressman Peter DeFazio will get a copy of this post, because I suspect some people abuse their scared trust, and people they know are vulnerable due to access to very personal records.

Krista says all these bad things are happening to me because of the bad things I said about them in this blog. THEM is – Evangelical End Time Rapturists!  I get to write about them in my newspaper-blog. However THEY want to take away the idea I am a newspaperman, and go with their conclusion – I AM PURE EVIL IN THEIR MIDST – and mus be moved out! This is a real Witch Hunt, folks, that employs REAL WITCHES!

I have been – pushed around – too far! This is abuse of power – beyond working hours! Once these abusers leave work, they don’t get to take it home and misuse it on their neighbors, or, perceived enemies. Does that sound like a sane plan to you?

It is now evident to me Kim, Krista, and other neighbors, used Cheryl Walton’s mental illness to make a case against me as a abuser of women, in order to get me evicted, and, thrown off Section 8, as a Sex Predator – because I did attack their religion! If this is the kind of demons the Evangelical church produces, then it needs to confronted on many levels. If you got neighbors like mine, who push Jesus in your face, and their weight around, so they can dominate you, get in your head, and stay there, then, let me know! These are bullies for Jesus, and snitches for their Messiah, King Bobo who hs no respect for Secular Law, and has been given permission to be lawless, by Evangelical Leaders!

Many elected officials, and professional people, have given up hope King Bobo will leave his work in the Oval Office, and not take it to bed with him. Didn’t Patrick Henry call King George a “psycho parasite”?

To hear King Bobo say he did not care for Wikileaks, because it wasn’t his thing, is not the last straw! The ‘Last Straw’ is, Steve Bannon is bad-mouthing the Pope, and remodeling an old monastery for his Christian Value Coven! Sounds like Opus Dai – and Dan Brown! How about Tim Lahaye and the Antichrist? Who put Bannon in power? Evangelicals!

I suspect Krista, and her live-in, man End Time Rapture sites on the internet, and have passed a photo of me all over American so they can own a target for THEIR Christian Curses.  I suspect it was Krista who dogeared the pages of my sister’s biography – she was not given permission to read. Invading people’s privacy has forever been the Christian thing to do. Will Saint Stephen be hearing people’s confessions?

The idea of someone at the food stamp office collecting bad info on you, for their personal use, is sickening! What can be worse? How about slipping a vulnerable client a card with the address of your church on it?

How about a worker at the Johnson Unit, or any psycho ward, telling patients if they did not accept Jesus, and do as they say, then, Satan will put more demons in their mind?

There ya go! Welcome to ‘Rock Bottom’.  Look! Over there. There’s Saint Steve of the Field with the old Popemobile, to take you away to his Shame-based Coo-Coo’s Nest!



John Gregory Presco ‘Snow King of Oregon’



“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing…”

His desire to be an artist (fueled by his mother, who suppressed his sister’s talents so he could be the family star, see my post earlier in the thread for the links to demonstrate this) is his way of desperately seeking immortality as he gets closer to death. I imagine his belief that Alley wants Belle for herself has something to do with his own erotic phantasies, obviously still running just fine regardless of whether his genitals work. His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).

His fear is dangerous, his illness is dangerous, his bigotry is dangerous. And I’m seeing just three people willing to put up a defense against that danger. And while obviously psychotic and seemingly paranoid as well, he is above all a threat to people in our community.




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