Shitler’s – and Franklin Graham’s – List!

Rosamond Press

They used to make movies about the crazy and evil millionaire who was bent on destroying the magical ecological solution of the old Jewish Liberal Scientist, along with the hope of the Celtic Children of the loving old wiccan-crone of the poor neighborhood. As I watched them – thinking these movies will never stop coming – I wondered how many people understood these are anti-Christian propaganda flicks aimed at destroying the sick movement of the Crack-down Preachers, who try to hog all the attention by cracking-down on this, then cracking-down on that!

Steve Bannon was doing their thing when he pushed Brexit and Shitler’s Wall. Steve sucked up to the Evil Rich Dude like no American ever has – and he is a Veteran! Is Bannon gung-ho for Shitler’s military parade? There is going to be a SPECIAL section for Republican Donors to Trump’s campaigns. Shitler made a list of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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