Red Dawn of the Novel Death Code

They are shutting down the John Wayne Museum might mean I an victorious over Rena Easton?

Rosamond Press

Montana keeps inviting Ammon Bundy to come act like he is the Messiah of the New Code of the West. When I beheld Rena Easton in the light, I thought;

“If Jesus had a daughter, she would look like this beautiful creature!”

With the political attack on Governor Whitmer by Bundy and the 3 Percenters, the main topic of this blog – has come to past! I am….REDEEMED! I can say and do almost anything! I own a Immunity Card. All my tormentors are gist for my novel and picture show. I am tempted to make a film where Jesus as an old man shows up in the streets of Bozeman Montana with his drop-dead gorgeous granddaughter.

When Deputy Dan Mayland and I had our chit-chat, he passed on a message from Rena.

“She wants you to know she does not want to affect the publication of your newspaper.”


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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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